Weirdest moment at the memorial was when an old singer took the stage and played a song that the dead guy’s band used to play. The lyrics made fun of […]

The first time I heard Hallelujah by L. Cohen I thought the lyric was about someone trying to get laid. Over the years it seems to have gained a second […]

Heard about a guitarist who played through a distortion pedal and thought his playing though the pedal was the cause of the distortion but Bob Moog’s wife’s 3rd cousin said it […]

Reading an article about the new movie about the Rolling Thunder Revue, the writer says all superstars owe their breakthrough to a manager – is that more true than saying […]

latest song wrote about rotten event witnessed on tour years ago.   latest film Herzog’s interview with Gorbachev.   latest music daughter requests, whatever is compressed loudest when radio dial […]

On father’s day I got  football. I miss playing football and not long ago was explaining what distinguishes the shape of a football to my daughter. I played all the […]

Two or three updates ago some essential components ceased to work and I was in the middle of jobs that had to be finished. Would have ruined what other people […]

“Spiderman Spiderman, does whatever a spider can” never did much for me songwriting wise but there is so much to smile about every time they get to “Is he strong? […]

Older piano student, beginner, working on Take 5 two weeks ago. Played it back to me today but in 8. Pretty sure I also unwittingly played it in 8 when […]

A film released in 2018, now on Youtube. Two middle aged guys talk to Ornette Coleman in his apartment. They are visiting a master musician near the end of his […]