mystery person shovelled my walk again like they did two times before. i suspect it is a certain neighbour and it pleases me lots that they do this before i […]

this is the longest i ever grew a beard, probably stays another month or two until winter ends. one day last december, some kid asked if i was santa claus. […]

Recently saw poster for Albert Lee playing Hugh’s room for two nights, just down the street from me. Couldn’t believe my good fortune, I missed him last year and have […]

Working on a song and trying to not sound like me. I recorded a young woman doing the lead vocal, then added a drum pattern that is far from anything […]

Listened to a guy other night at the open stage perform with a machine that starts/ stops loops easily. It had a pitch shifter built into it, his voice could […]

when an ambulance goes by and i plug my ears i’m hoping that stops the sound completely but you know it doesn’t despite my pinkies fitting so snug. is the […]

in the sauna, guy with the crescent moon and star tattoo on his bicep leans over and asks if i’m a christian or a jew. i answered him and he […]

Between 2006 and 2018, their advertising revenue fell by 80 percent and daily print circulation fell by 58.6 percent. McClatchy has been family owned for 163 years. It has 30 […]

the bad news is people, maybe young people especially, will think that band is original. the good news is i have No Woman No Cry stuck in my head again.

There is a guy I’ve worked with over a year, who makes more headway than most because he does the work and he gets off on the experience of his […]