is but a joke

Got to the class a little early and found one of the guys practising Make You Feel My Love, he’s maybe 22 yrs. old. Don’t know any of these people well but my sense of this particular guy was that he would have thought Adele wrote the Dylan song.
“Do you know who wrote that song?” I asked eager to surprise him.
“Bob Dylan.” he answered
“That’s right.” I said disappointed at not getting to prove my teacher cred. “Do you know much of Bob Dylan’s music?”
“I know he’s written lots he doesn’t get any credit for, it’s a real shame.”
“You think so? Like what?”
“All Along The Watchtower.” he replied.

unaligned chakras

The chummy filmmaker asked myself and the sound designer for our opinions on a newly cut 3 minute scene. We saw the same thing missing and it confused the quality of the story telling. We expressed it differently but we were making the same point following the invitation “I really want to know what you guys think of this”.
After we relayed our thoughts, she stopped being friendly, said we weren’t viewing it correctly, parts are missing. Turning to the editor and sounding resentful said something about how he better get that missing part before they show it again. Note to self: Try to psychically know when asked for truthful opinions to not supply any truthful opinions unless they’re flattering.