Maybe it should be called the One Note Sanda. Latest Bernie Sanders ad, (Jan 28) titled “Not Me. Us” Features one note, wet sounding, sort of like a piano sample […]

In our first lesson, after I showed him a couple pieces to improvise with, he asked me if there was a trick to coordinating both hands or if you just […]

I hear kids pleading to their parents “is that really true?” “Tell me honestly!” There are so many lies. Driving in a big city, people con each other all the […]

Driving my daughter to swimming lesson, radio on, James Bond’s Goldfinger comes on sung by Shirley Bassey and then the most surprising rhyme, “kissed her” with “mister” didn’t see that […]

Last night, story on the radio that scientists were advancing the nuclear clock to 90 seconds before midnight. A horrible story about a horrible possibility about horrible people in positions […]

Last few nights viewed predator/ prey animal videos, online. Surprised how many times they go for the babies and the young. Reminds one that ethics or morality are imaginary. I […]

A well known singer admired a Toronto pop keyboardist and asked if they were open to teaching. They arranged to meet at the Royal York Hotel when the singer had […]

When you see people who are identified with a minority, accept a position with a corrupt association, it might break your heart because the association gains credibility by having the […]

You are standing on level ground walking and you think you can go wherever you wish, to the right, to the left but whether you think about it or not, […]

my mojo is broken it works on you . i can get satisfaction and i don’t try . billy jean is my lover . the times are staying as they […]