Because in the 90s we had to sneak across the border when touring, because the laws required us to prove we were not taking jobs away from Americans, because we […]

The trombone makes more sense to me than the trumpet. The trombone’s sounds go lower the more it is extended but when I watch trumpet players some sort of quantum […]

The audience applauded each time any of the three musicians took solos, nice. People could not contain their admiration for what just happened but makes for a few other questions […]

At the Tranzac auction and performance (money to soundproof the bleed between 3 performance rooms) there was one item I really wanted but couldn’t justify with so many other expenses […]

Was talking with someone about Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty then re-explored it online. Didn’t realize that the opening swell is a synthesizer not a guitar but more interesting was […]

I was hosting the Tranzac open stage last night filling in for Sarah who had a headache. There is a guy who goes by Geddy Kr├╝ger who must attend every […]

Watched someone play who was boring and asked myself what makes this so boring. It was that he played all the right notes even if his rhythm sometimes faltered, even […]

I have arthritis, for a few years now, comes and goes. The rheumatologist at Women’s College Hospital is intriguing. I love the short appointments with her and all my questions […]

After my van was broken into and the equipment stolen, sometimes I thought up slogans for future tour camouflage. 1/ Dirty Diaper Pick-Up Service 2/ Dioxin Disposal 3/ Best Boa […]

An old friend suffers with depression is in an institution now. Hopefully, whatever the treatment is contains some music since she is a pianist and a violinist. Her partner doesn’t […]