My brother is coming to town, haven’t seen him in over 10 years. I owe him a lot, he showed my child hands how to play ¬†blues, beatles and beethoven. […]

There is a woman I sometimes work with who regularly treats people with hostility. I very much want to tell her what I think of her meanness but what happens […]

There have been murders on my street 3 nights in a row. I don’t know who is doing it but my guess is a squirrel. Two more dead sunflowers this […]

I know a guy who plays piano. Use to see him studying years ago and he had impressive technique. This morning saw him for the first time in many years […]

Critical voices in the head probably started off with good survival objectives. How to deal with encountering a bear or a storm. ¬†Critical thought probably saved the day. That’s why […]

In each interview I explained what I could teach instead of what they are offering. And the assignments – I would enjoy dreaming them up – that place students in […]

Writing a final paper for class about an idea that tickled my brain reading Avery Gordon on how ghosts haunt the present. It makes me think for instance of Bathurst […]

There is a musician’s joke I’m fond of. How many guitarists does it take to screw in a light bulb? One hundred. 1 to do it and 99 to say […]

Got as call from a big company to score a movie. They spoke as though I was an interesting choice as composer. Then they asked if they could send me […]

At one point last night I was sitting on a doorstep with 4 people when a slender white cat steadfastly started climbing a tall tree. Everyone chimed in about how […]