Bb thinks it is distinct.   That’s the Bb near middle C.   The uppermost Bb also thinks it is distinct as do all the other notes.   They don’t […]

Meeting with the Dean. Right away we are out talking each other, over and faster than each other – my kind of rest and relaxation. Last Dean I met got […]

Pictures of the ropey twisted cords the make up the brain remind me of the ropey twisted cords of the digestive tract. Maybe because both are designed to break down […]

Sitting in the dentist chair, repairing two fillings. Cotton stuffed between my gums and teeth, mouth open, drill drilling I need to swallow but isn’t this stuff poison for one’s […]

Often, teaching, you hope people will realize the value or power of subjects discussed but usually it doesn’t happen in front of you, if it happens at all.  Reviewing some […]

It hit me during the last Marxist class that the professor reminds me of two people. One really into Robert Fripp. Knows all about Frippertronics and his clothing and why […]

through it wind goes always desire to hold a leaf leaf always blown ghost of  fingers clinging new leaf, same storm can never, this the game, every second if seen, disinclines […]

I saw a performance-art-cowboy guy in New York in the 80s called Ned Sublet. He played his portable radio as an instrument. Did a solo with his band, solo was […]

Ron Sexsmith wrote a song called Speaking With The Angel and when I heard it it sealed the deal on us working together. The lyric surprised/ impressed me, thought it […]

Marx professor goes on and on about how many amazing insights and topics Marx wrote about, says it’s endless. Feel like that about Logic music software even though we’ve been […]