Playing a repetition in the left hand, soloing over it with my right hand. At certain point what else can be said? Tried reversing which hand did what. Not as […]

When making up a song what comes first the verse or the chorus? a question someone once asked me in an interview. I said anything is possible. Before we […]

Scotch bonnet in curry, dangerous move, can’t go back,  dish gloves for chopping. Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli in the hot jazz club of France, wonder if sriracha played a […]

In the movies the person sentenced to death is never offered a last piece of music. In real life it is worse. They can never stop hearing the same song […]

There are people you talk to who appear to be with you but you know they are not really present, drifting off somewhere, not listening and other people can be […]

Two music fans were fighting about Prince. One said everything he ever did was magic the other said he only sung about his penis. Soon they rolled out of the […]

There was a melody in my dream last night and when I woke up I thought I should play it right away or risk forgetting it. Then an hour flew […]

There were a hundred amazing moments in the documentary about Sviatoslav Richter (Richter: The Enigma). In one instance he talks about pianist Maria Yudina, who was Stalin’s favourite pianist (whatever […]

There was a drunk guy who was getting out of control at a gig one time. Seen it before. People pretend it isn’t going on and hope the person and […]

The first time I saw Laurie Anderson I couldn’t figure out how she did the things she did, pretty amazing, thanks Micah Lexier for telling me to go. I like […]