I have many dead friends on Facebook. Sometimes I look at their old profiles now cluttered with advertisements for sun glasses and vacation getaways. We had a discussion in class […]

Each of the songwriting classes I’m teaching begin with a student playing us a song that changed their life or significantly inspired them. Recently we listened to Imagine by John […]

I played the students Aretha Franklin’s I Never Loved A Man ( the way that I love you) because I thought, like me, many would have assumed the song was […]

started teaching the new student chopin by ear. imitate me kid, just do this and then she just did that. next i said ok, just do that and so she […]

There was a joke I once heard that made fun of Ringo Starr. The joke went like this “who was the luckiest person in the 60s?” the answer was Ringo […]

something so nice about artworks that feel organic and authentic, something so bad about prefabricated cookie cutter offerings. singing the song that’s played on the radio station my daughter favours, […]

young guy in class played a song to everyone. they applauded and 3 others shared their feedback which was how much he sounded like someone else. this was meant as […]

set list is nice, safe, structure, but often different than the way it was in imagination. actually it never ever goes the way it goes in the imagination. preparing for […]

maybe it would be called a 12th chord. the cool sound that joni mitchell uses throughout court and spark is done by playing a 5th in the left hand and […]

bacterium are single cells covered by a membrane which keeps the outside world out and the inside world in. sounds very familiar.bacteria are the oldest life forms on the earth. […]