At a party, young award winning musician is holding court and explaining why Bob Dylan is the worst artist in the world, “He can’t sing, he’s musically horrible” yada yada. Was a wee bit weird that they didn’t see any value in the lengthy works and history of Dylan. I thought about some famous music people I can’t stand but I’m less comfortable to brag about it, at this party anyway. I know people can lose their minds over meaningless things like artistic opinions, they can even murder over it. I bet people who are blind, probably have some understanding of that because though they never have seen they have tried to understand what seeing is. And when sighted people explain racism to them, and it comes down to a willingness to hate based upon the tonality of skin, that must leave them feeling like the sighted are way more blind. Someday, somebody should try to write lyrics like that.

the annoying

I knew a guy who always brought a smartness competition to every encounter winning over and over so when I saw her coming say things like excuse me a second as if momentarily going to another room maybe a glass of water but simply didn’t return. That was how it started the other way of seeing through the blind that rendered the window opaque. the dynamic changed between us he could tell her needs weren’t being satisfied so started longer angrier expert explanations whenever I was present. They became very frustrated with punctuation and pronouns and this was satisfying maybe only to me. but they were loud no getting around it. something about washing grains and so tried to play quieter often this makes an audience get quiet but not them. She started gabbing loudly and bossing around the bartender but other people were annoyed and one of them was just as hostile. I don’t mind a good fight especially when its in another province pleased when they took it outside later realizing they were made for each other. Now, a few years later i was right, here they are at the future bakery (coincidence?) feeding whipped cream and cake to their wee newborn, positioning the kid in front of a portable monitor, passing on expertise.

totally set up

My oatmeal, like my kasha, is generally perfect. Not bragging, there have been many misses but that fact is the misses led to constantly perfect results (a few years in a row now). It’s about the boil and the timing and the smell of something ready and the controlling of when to heat when to remove heat. In high school, why did they never cook in chemistry class? Just a wee bit of popcorn maybe melted butter – we would all get it. Would have understood the pop don’t happen until the oil reaches a critical temperature etc. etc. Would have been so simple hey kids everything is chemistry and chemistry is sexy and interesting. To start instead by memorizing the periodic table does not make sense is ┬álike starting a kid learning to memorize the lines and spaces of treble clef or bass clef ……a no brainer to get big ideas across to the beginner mind but first you don’t start with complexity. If you do you have a lot of disinterest, turn off and inner conclusions that one isn’t capable it is too hard. Totally a set up.