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Sometimes I want to be a filmmaker who has a camera set up outside grocery stores who have specially designated parking spots for people who have special needs and then film all the folks who park in those reserved spaces even though they seem perfectly agile and have no permit on their dash.

My next film would be about the many people clamouring to get on the elevator in the subway to travel the distance of one floor while those in wheelchairs or with baby strollers or on crutches, wait for them to finish.

I will call my first film “Assholes” and the second “More Assholes”.

I wonder if I will get an idea for a third.

Planet of the Apes Kiss


Breakin’ Rocks In The Hot Sun


Saw someone sending round this story about Lady Gaga suing Rebecca F.

Hard to know from what’s published how real the accusation is but what stands out is that after Lady Gaga was cleared she decides to sue Rebecca F. for a million which sets a precedent for anyone else who might claim she steals and that precedent is even if I stole I have enough money to ruin you in lawyers so don’t¬†accuse me of wrong doing unless you can afford it.

But the award for sickest fuck doesn’t go to Lady Gaga. It’s currently reserved for the publishing company who owns both sides of the Robin Thicke vs. Marvin Gaye estate lawsuit. CLick the picture below to have more fun.