Some of the books we’re looking at in the songwriting course include Bob Snider On Songwriting, John Sobol You Are Your Media & Kodwu Eshun More Brilliant Than The Sun. […]

The guy from the record label admires me, talks about how many things I’m associated with that move him and says other flattering things. I play him the two people […]

Ducked into a cafe during the rain this afternoon. 60s playlist inside starting with Ohio by Neil Young, favourite part for me, “how can you run when you know?” Followed […]

Attended a training day for the university where I’ll be teaching a course on songwriting this fall. About 40 new teachers invited to this training session from kinesiology to to […]

There were many people I came upon who admired Lenny Bruce. Who talked about him as an important catalyst for change re: censorship. Some people said everyone owes him for […]

Bought one of those Masterclass tutorials, advertised everywhere, the ones that annoy me and come on all the time. Bought it as present to myself, on writing, by Margaret Atwood. […]

There was a composer who could tell whenever he was getting close to writing something that pleased him, because before it was finished he would start writing the next one.

Heard a couple much-younger-than-me folks discussing Morrisey’s stance about animal rights, they were very critical.Me: You don’t think he should make his opinion public?Guy: No it isn’t the proper platform […]

Organizing the Major Research Project for my Masters requires transcribing  interviews. Using transcription software I can play back recordings and watch the words automatically textualize on my computer screen. There […]