school bus didn’t show up this morning, i have car, took all the waiting kids to school, just enough room. they wanted the radio on. I turned on classical station. […]

I’ve watched some recent rallies for Bernie Sanders and it seems the drill is as soon as they say Bernie’s name, cue the John Lennon music “Power Two The People”. […]

During a student presentation on the White Album I was surprised by which 3 songs they focused on; Glass Onion, Don’t Pass Me By and Revolution #9. Sort of fascinating […]

interviewing rami of foo fighters online today with my class. i hope they have questions for him. not often you get an insider up close and personal when you’re an […]

at some point in high school they showed us behaviour modification. about animals receiving shocks or restricted food, some sort of pain and then their behaviour changed. this was presented […]

ad on the subway for a radio station trying to demonstrate that they are a place for indie bands. the slogan said something like 90% of their music was not […]

It is way more common to feel correct about failing than it is to realize you are hitting the mark. When I work with someone and the technique they wish […]

at the piano lesson with the 7 year old boy i just started to improvise and he just played along with me. lessons usually don’t start like that, i hope […]

Sometimes, like viewing footage of a hummingbird in slow motion, breathtaking & extraordinary, just the natural state of the hummingbird, revealed at a human speed of comprehension, beyond words all […]