I have a box of old music, cassettes, cds, vinyl and I was going through it trying to justify why it takes up space. Many amazing things in the box. Like a band in Chicago that my group found out by chance, through the great Matt Suhar who took us to the store, Specimen Products, the owner and creative guitar and amplifier designer, Ian Schneller, had a band called Falstaff. Amazing compositions. Over the years I’ve heard a few creative punk rock experimental sounds, notably Helicopter by bloc party, amazing – but much earlier Falstaff raised that bar, radical ideas and making us laugh with the unexpected hidden tracks with bass clarinet solos (was that even what it was?) in Nothing Compares To U or the Melanie roller skate song. Top drawer.

a good day to die

If they are going to discuss whether to sentence a youth as an adult or a youth – calls having rules into question. If they were a youth at the time, then they were a youth, that’s how it is but to say we’ll do it differently because this one is worse than the last one, says something about the state. It says we can’t adhere to our rules. Where have I heard that before, is the state just a mirror? Another old friend received a death sentence, stage 3. If I’m in the 2cnd half of life, seems part of the tone, is adjusting to knowing many players that are leaving the stage. It shouldn’t be a surprise, have had a lifetime to register this but that is the problem, one gets busy with plans and believing they can be finished. How did that story go? A certain kind of person greets each morning saying today is a good day to die. Sometimes I think I will get to finish every song I started, what nerve.

9 surprises recently discussed at dinner

that stevie wonder has the Jackson Five sing doo doo top on you haven’t done nothin’
that rita college’s song, time, was stolen by eric clapton in layla
that martin scoresese used well well well in the departed
that in the big store chico says to young piano student “now you practice” and after door closes kid practices and it is all the same techniques chico was known for
that gil scott-heron’s first band was called black and blues
that zappa reconfigured  beatles artwork
that john lennon reconfigured zappa artwork
that joni mitchell used cheech and chong in the bridge of my analyst told me
that jemaine clement is vain crab singing shiny in moana