back at bias

Kim chee failure, very sad but even worse, on the same day I dropped the glass blender and now it is unfixable. I love blenders, wish I could get the hard core Vitamix or Blendtek but can’t justify it. Always thought the pro models might be life changing. York subway station up and running now, and very life changing. Watched Triumph Of The Will in my new art class, also life changing. Whole room of students interpreted Leni Riefenstahl differently than me. That’s a lot of differently-than-me’s. I don’t want to fight with them, not yet anyway. So many music teachers insist there is only one way to play and they know it and you are not allowed to question their authority. Met a political science teacher, works in Barry, shared similar views about how bias is taught despite people patting themselves on backs for excellence in objectivity.

stanley cowell

A group of Jazz musicians from Philadelphia and New York came through Winnipeg in the mid 70s. They gave workshops before giving a big concert. I signed up for the piano session. It was with one of the first musical monsters I ever met, Stanley Cowell. He spoke to us (7 young pianists) about what’s happening on the piano in New York, watching him play it was apparent this situation was overkill, hiring Evil Knievel to discuss how to balance on a tricycle. He didn’t make us feel awkward, he was a gentleman, he said where I come from people are trying to have an independent left hand. I got that message and even though it was a long time ago, that idea remains never too far from my piano mind.