Some Polaris Prize judges were overheard arguing ¬†Gord Downie’s last record. One said it was unfair to nominate him because he wasn’t living, one said it was just another white […]

There was a musician who had a dream that he was in a foreign country and his car was loaded with gear for a gig but it would not drive. […]

There was a Toronto pianist who hated G# so much that she decided never again to ever play it. This made it awkward for other musicians to play with her, […]

Two favourite musical boasts, that Billy Cobham could play a dime against the wall and the other that Stanley Clark could sightread flyshit.

There was a student from a small town who said all the people they ever wished they could see live would never come there because it was too tiny but […]

Made kombucha about 8 times, only one batch so far exploded, I would like a badge. Never obtained the top badge in swimming the bronze medallion but did get my […]

I never saw Ginkgo trees growing up nor heard of them. Didn’t notice until 15 years ago around High Park when Daeren pointed them out extolling their virtues medicinally. Love […]

My brother is coming to town, haven’t seen him in over 10 years. I owe him a lot, he showed my child hands how to play ¬†blues, beatles and beethoven. […]

There is a woman I sometimes work with who regularly treats people with hostility. I very much want to tell her what I think of her meanness but what happens […]

There have been murders on my street 3 nights in a row. I don’t know who is doing it but my guess is a squirrel. Two more dead sunflowers this […]