Marking final papers, final songs. One student surprised me with how brilliant was their song and essay. Started by imitating something then realized it could be more unique by doing […]

Neil told me about the film online about the Working Class Hero and Imagine records. I know technically it is called Plastic Ono Band but I had it at 9 […]

In my dream last night, at a party and Ray Davies was there. Didn’t look anything like Ray in real life, but such is the language of dreams. I walked […]

“My song is about addiction,” said the tall guy who usually enters the class late, if he shows up at all. “In what way?” I asked. “I vape and I […]

there is a swimmer standing before a lake and the current is strong and choppy. this particular swimmer has a fantasy, that if they can swim across the lake, to […]

a few years ago, magali tried to teach me how to speak french. she would start with avoir and etre, i usually ran out of patience as soon as i […]

People perform songs in class, develop experience playing in front of others. There is something in this I endorse because it develops one further. We could theorize about it, but […]

Three weeks ago we screened the film Alive Inside for the songwriting class. It’s about dementia seemingly interrupted by listening to music. Hoping to remind the students, even though schools […]

it is incredible how one’s reflexes take over when something sudden happens and how defensive moves enact quicker than one’s ability to think about any of it, making fun of […]

Made it to the Tranzac’s open stage Monday evening, finally filmed Maria Kasstan singing her song about the lack of accountability in the Toronto Police Department following her husband’s heart […]