Overheard conversation at party about the sister of someone studying anesthesiology. Someone responded mentioning their old friend from college is now an anesthesiologist and lives in a mansion. Someone else […]

wake up, new day, same tape loops. a little fishy, no? the part of us that we walk around believing us, is maybe good at deciding which chocolate bar to […]

Sat down on the subway, an old woman across from me leans in, hands me a flyer on Jesus. It’s ok I say discouraging the exchange, she says something about […]

We aren’t in a position to see things from above thus thrash about trying to guess the way. In the Greek myths, this God or that God had mortals in […]

My friend Kenn was right about many things, he made stuff happen, admired him. Gauge a lot of things against an imaginary idea of what he would do. He worked […]

Years ago before saint Jack Layton died I remember reading about his father’s death and the family crowded around him singing. Death with musical accompaniment, I thought that was honourable. […]

Don’t know why peer pressure is so primal but it is. Tried to show the little girl piano a few times, she was half interested half not, not looking to […]

Maybe it is just the way minds operate, imagining problems before they have been actualized and with so much intensity one feels permission to react to things that never even […]

Bb thinks it is distinct.   That’s the Bb near middle C.   The uppermost Bb also thinks it is distinct as do all the other notes.   They don’t […]

Meeting with the Dean. Right away we are out talking each other, over and faster than each other – my kind of rest and relaxation. Last Dean I met got […]