A woman who toured for a few months with a certain band leader told me a story about him developing tinnitus, {the condition where one hears an unending frequency day […]

The inner division during this process of writing a new piano piece. I play and look to see what it wants to do even though I am it. Put another […]

I never knew his material too well but I found myself in the back room of the Cameron one night and he was playing a stripped down show. He told […]

the internet just happened, just two decades ago or so right? the companies who position themselves to charge customers for data are charging for what exactly? is bandwidth a physical […]

windshield wipers in the rain soon i start to subdivide it into 3s or 4s or 5s, like most other musicians do.

I worked with a young filmmaker mixing music for their film. They liked the music but didn’t like the mix. Wanted more treble and more treble. Made other frequencies less […]

A songwriter named Stan the Man once posted to Facebook he couldn’t figure out how to write music anymore. It dried up for him.  He asked the hive mind for […]

student 1: I keep trying but I keep failing, then I give up.   student 2: I know what you mean.   student 1: Never can play arpeggios like Hanzs […]

A policeman one time many years ago asked me for my autograph. He was a Blue Rodeo fan and we had become well known then. He was in the middle […]