Bob Wiseman

A blinking biped in the age old tradition of song and dance.

i asked a pro for advice, she said write a script and so i did but it sounds like someone reading a script. i start again. the sound of acting […]

One time in a health food store by queen street mental health, the owner told me his sweetheart plays the flight attendant in that scene where they are on their […]

‘lil toe: hey Socrates I heard you said something about knowing nothing and thinking that was a way to live a life. What are you saying?Socrates: The only true wisdom […]

Leon Redbone’s bio from the Mariposa folk festial guide in 1972, “I was born in Shreveport, LA in 1910, and my real name is James Hokum. I wear dark glasses […]

While walking to the Tranzac I passed a section of Wallace street that had a bunch of images and quotes. At first I thought it reflected the view of the […]

There’s an interview I watched with John Hammond who was a catalyst for the world tuning into the greatness of Billie Holiday and he describes the first time he attended […]

I realized a few years ago that physical product was dead. I heard it first probably reading Bob Lefsetz’s music business blogging where in 2008 he said the CD is […]

Friend sent me music by a musician improvising with acoustics and electronics. Friend was excited, also supplied a blurb about how radical this artist was, only they weren’t. Many interesting […]

A friend said my project might appreciate W.G. Sebald and I think she was right based on what I’ve so far found especially an online doc. At the grad student […]