Bob Wiseman

A blinking biped in the age old tradition of song and dance.

At the corner of Bloor and Dundas West, a seventy year old musician, jean jacket, crumpled cowboy hat, strums a shiny red electric guitar with help from a battery powered […]

Daughter: Do you believe in magic? Father: Yeah look. (he puts his hand in front of her face) I just tell my finger to move and (finger moves) did you […]

All week I’m reading The Unwomanly Face of War by Svetlana Alexievitch, verbatim interviews from zillions of Russian women about what they did in World War Two, it’s hard to […]

I’m starting to think I had it all wrong and life isn’t just about Little Walter and Sonny Terry. Fortunately through older brotherness, my childhood also featured Howlin’ Wolf, but […]

I hate the volume from so many cars and trucks on the street, so the park rules my heart of walking. I like listening to the emptiness. Sometimes, despite best […]

The reason she liked using open tunings was for the same reason that Joni Mitchell did; the intentional short circuiting of what one already knows. For Susan it was like […]

Yesterday I had to drive somewhere and turned on my first choice for Toronto radio, the U of T station CIUT and they were playing Little Darlin’ but not The […]

I was reading a book for school on theatrical improvisation. At the start of one chapter they quoted an old interview with Roman Polanski about Knife In The Water, his […]

Susan liked her room in the shared house, it meant she really had arrived. Previously, she stayed with Svetlana which was good the first couple days even though it was […]