Bob Wiseman

A blinking biped in the age old tradition of song and dance.

Reading about Florence Ballard. She formed and named the Supremes originally the Primettes. Diana Ross didn’t like the name. The way Berry Gordy divided money was not so different than […]

A student name Gertie, did an album presentation on an artist from California named Tequila, who was also a Yoga practitioner. This led the classroom into discussions about meditation and […]

Don’t know what to do for the chorus of the new song but the student i spoke with this morning, the one who got there before the others, said he […]

Andras once told me a Sufi story about a mystic who warned the people the river would soon stop flowing and not to drink the water when it returned or […]

Peter Pomerantsev’s book about trolls, borders, manipulation, war is killing me softly with his song. Especially parts that trace electing Duterte in the Philippines and the exact same language of […]

I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show long ago when it premiered. Barry and I went together, it was Jr. high school and later his mother was pissed off. She […]

Last night dreamt I did the Yoga move standing on one foot reaching over the head grabbing the other foot, sort of a sling shot posture. It was very easy […]

A student with many pitch problems asked for help and was offered help via exercises in Logic to highlight ways to correct vocal tracks. This led me to thinking about […]

Frankie, a student in a graduate program, once upset the classroom when Roslyn, another student, insinuated the author of a paper they were reading is probably a racist. Frankie said […]