Bob Wiseman

A blinking biped in the age old tradition of song and dance.

Saw a skunk dying, it seemed in the throws of death, unable to balance, kicking it’s paws in a spasm, then still, then kicking again. It released it’s smell too, […]

Earlier, they got soaked near the basketball courts inside William Osler Elementary School, where they listened to Reg Hanna who wasn’t part of this group of friends because he wasn’t […]

I knew a guy who studied South Indian dance who told me that smiling was part of the training, as in one was supposed to smile was dancing and that […]

Another thing I love about The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov is that there’s music playing throughout the book that the characters are noticing and questioning or haunted or […]

While walking today, I came upon a section of the path where a red headed bird, which at first I thought a woodpecker, was busy scrounging the surface of a […]

I am reading so many things for school it doesn’t make sense to try fitting in something unrelated for pleasure but what a pleasure it is to start The Master […]

Sometime around 1995 I was scoring the show Twitch City for CBC made by Don McKellar and Bruce MacDonald. It was only 13 episodes which was too bad because it […]

found out fellow students in one of my last classes, unhappy with their mark, complained and got their mark raised. what then should one do if willing to accept their […]