Bob Wiseman

A blinking biped in the age old tradition of song and dance.

It’s all about stories, that’s why there is a love of films, books and music etc. And what hurts additionally when someone dies, they take their stories. Can no longer […]

I’m doing a few performances upcoming and I asked a couple of my former songwriting students to sing with me. It’s fun to have someone else sing your song. Feels […]

My mother is a painter. I would sit for her when I was a little boy. She sketched in charcoal or oil pastels. I think it is all thrown away […]

There is a simple game my daughter saw somewhere & later I got it on my phone, she plays it a bunch. I teach a boy the same age as […]

I planned to play some instrumental music on the grand piano at the show the other night but I chickened out. By the time I was on half the audience […]

In the cinema studies class students discuss virtual reality and how convincing it is or isn’t. Then the conversation focusses on why there is so much interest in making it […]

Listening to a podcast with Waddy Wachtel (The Everly Brothers, Keith Richards, Linda Rondstadt, Stevie Nicks), when they get to the end and he’s asked if he listens to contemporary […]

at the Y everyone is wearing a headset or else watching a tv on their treadmill. what is it about working out that makes people desire placing their mind elsewhere? […]

A teacher I had long ago who gave students many more insults than compliments once said something flattering about me while I was playing. He turned to Anne and pointed […]

after the furnace technician finished telling me the story of why he started body building (because his girlfriend dumped him) and how he is a vegetarian who only eats white […]