Bob Wiseman

Made another bread, so many Youtube tutorials so little time. These are the inexpensive flours, wonder what the difference is with high end stuff, maybe next time. They say Peter […]

There is a great film from 1979 called  The Shout (Alan Bates, Susannah York, John Hurt) spooky subplot about sound/ listening. Alan Bates character lived years with Indigenous people in […]

I read an interview with Paul Thomas Anderson when he was still casting roles in the film The Master and asked Phillip Seymour Hoffman what he thought of different actors […]

bossman: do you know much about us?   applicant: I know someone who studied here years ago.   bossman: who?   applicant: don noyse    bossman: i remember him. he […]

When I was a kid I had a lot of favourite records and listened all the time. A few had lyrics with meanings that were different when I listened later […]

As the old conductor lay there in an oxygen tent, tubes sustaining his last afternoon, Roderick arrived and leaned over the bed. The old man was pleased to see him, […]

A singing student told their teacher they can’t sing the way they want and it depresses them.  Teacher asked “when was the last time you were happy?”   The student […]

Some people stay on the same street in the same neighbourhood, nothing wrong with that but some go to a new neighbourhood where they don’t know where anything is. Walk […]

Went to Hotel Transylvania 3 with my daughter. [spoiler alert] The climax of the movie is the unleashing of a monster to destroy all other monsters and the way to […]

Today I made zucchini sticks with flour, oat milk and cornmeal. I recommend. Used jackfruit and cherries for latest Kombucha. The trick with exotics is just like pomegranates – more […]