Bob Wiseman

The new tree, London Plane, over this hot summer has been parched even though often put on drip hose. Many brown leaves fell to their end, compost, just like us. […]

6 year old is singing along at the top of her lungs to a commercial cover of Stevie Wonder’s Don’t You Worry ’bout A Thing. I’m feeling kind of proud. […]

Met Dominic Troiano one time in the 80s at John Caton’s office on Draper ave. I tried to relay what a big deal his solo record Burnin’ At The Stake […]

The boyfriend of a guitarist bought her credit at a tattoo parlour for her birthday. When she returned from the shop she had the image of a bumble bee on […]

There was an outstanding saxophonist who experienced discrimination from men. Either they didn’t treat her fairly or else they tried to exploit her just because she was a woman. She […]

Bill Kosinski, decided to follow his dreams. In September he quit his job at the gas station and flew from a small Manitoba town to Mali in Africa to work […]

student: I know you don’t like my music teacher: Stop reading my blog posts. student: Is that a joke? teacher: Maybe. student: Why don’t you don’t like it? teacher: I […]

There is a brain thing I do at the piano which is when I realize my eyes are largely on the left hand or the right hand I try to […]