Bob Wiseman

hey hey my my this is the story of johnny rotten   hey hey you’re going to lose that girl   hey hey we’re the monkees   i am a […]

Reading about a panel at a conference last year with the subject Songs That Changed The World, but it’s as much about people being able to hear it as people […]

More so they have the electricity lines underground in Europe. Often I don’t think about it in Toronto but then I look up and record all the visual pollution weaving […]

used to think getting park place or the boardwalk now just want to avoid go to jail   used to think getting a record deal now just want an easy-to-execute […]

Some say people have a herding mentality and this is suppose to explain why there are many followers and few leaders. They say we are like dogs or wolves, pack […]

There was a musician who wanted to be a different kind of musician. She stood in front of the mirror and had long sober talks to herself about how to change […]

Somewhere in another solar system there is a planet where the locals complain all day about what they should have done or what they wish was different. Throughout their lives […]

Been curating the Tranzac’s silent auction to achieve our 10k goal for soundproofing. We are more than halfway there thanks to a recent donation of more than $1000 from choir! […]