Bob Wiseman

Last week I went to the open stage called R.I.S.E. in Scarborough for the 2cnd time. Unlike the other open stages I know, R.I.S.E. is predominantly hip hop youth, community […]

While driving back from Stratford, Eye of The Tiger came on the radio and it occurred to me I never before heard the entire song. It was as unredeemable as […]

I have a little problem trying to position myself into teaching gigs. To quote a former president, to unclench the fist. I liked my dad’s hands, how they looked and […]

I visit the very old man, with body parts failing he describes his new medications and problems, he expressed confusion and disappointment that things aren’t working they way they used […]

But when he’s gone me and those lonely blues collide, the bed’s too big the frying pan’s too wide He hangs out down on Alvarado street by the Pioneer Chicken […]

If I hold up 7 fingers my daughter doesn’t yet know it is seven. She will count internally to get to seven.  If I said go to the part of […]

Bad dream last night, best part is waking up and knowing none of it is true. Tempting to linger on hidden meanings behind imagination. Is there any difference between imaginary […]

Many times distracted and so suffers the music. Maybe it is a maturity thing, but the last show with John Oswald, was meaningful for all the right reasons, shooting for a […]