Bob Wiseman

When the customs agent asks what kind of music do you do, you could answer with a familiar category but for many artists it never feels right. Feels about as […]

Everybody’s mind contains a drunk heckler sitting in the front row. The stakes are heightened when one starts considering how inner thought can foil the whole thing like juggling one […]

She plays white notes in the middle of the piano with both hands slowly, random spots. I join on the upper register at same speed just different random white notes. […]

One of them wants to have a meeting to discuss the performance after it is over, fine with me and yet I don’t seem to be able to get it […]

At a party, young award winning musician is holding court and explaining why Bob Dylan is the worst artist in the world, “He can’t sing, he’s musically horrible” yada yada. […]

I knew a guy who always brought a smartness competition to every encounter winning over and over so when I saw her coming say things like excuse me a second […]

My oatmeal, like my kasha, is generally perfect. Not bragging, there have been many misses but that fact is the misses led to constantly perfect results (a few years in […]

Some artists I admire most coincidentally supplied promoters with the best bios.   . Sam Larkin milked the cow morning and evening when he was six years old. And continued […]

I was reading Howard Kaylan’s book, (Flo and Eddy, Frank Zappa and the Turtles). When they were starting out they were approached by suits at a small label who wanted […]

Heard many times so and so was born with talent and figured that that was the way it worked. Whether it was amazing yo yo tricks or amazing guitar playing, […]