Bob Wiseman

student: I know you don’t like my music teacher: Stop reading my blog posts. student: Is that a joke? teacher: Maybe. student: Why don’t you don’t like it? teacher: I […]

There is a brain thing I do at the piano which is when I realize my eyes are largely on the left hand or the right hand I try to […]

There was a much sought after flugelhorn player whose students appreciated them for their insight and technical expertise. One student complained his best states of playing remained elusive to which […]

Went to the Y and while entering the building I passed a man who looked so much like David, my old friend who died, that for an instant I thought […]

Many times people tell you about your art and who it reminds them of.¬†They mean it to be flattering or useful – but if there was a compliment college I […]

There is a moment in the documentary of recording Tears Are Not Enough when David Foster tells Neil Young his voice is out of tune and Neil Young replies “that’s […]

The song originally called In Other Words was sung by Kay Ballard and it’s a stunner. Just an A B A B A B but a fantastic instrumental 3rd verse […]

When I was 22 I had keys to Trinity St. Paul’s church. I had a job and our office was in the basement. There were 7 other companies with offices […]

Pretty weird to realize only a couple years ago there was a saxophone solo in Lady Madonna. That’s what gets me about artists who knock me out, I’m surprised. Surprised […]

Playing a repetition in the left hand, soloing over it with my right hand. At certain point what else can be said? Tried reversing which hand did what. Not as […]