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Writes songs, tours the world, makes movies, accompanies them live, produces records, arranges music, scores tv serials and films, acts in theatre (but really not a very convincing actor) and empties cat litter way more than his wife. HOW DO I BOOK BOB FOR A CONCERT? In Canada (Bob Wilson) In America (Matt Suhar) In Italy (Monica Melissano) HOW DO I HIRE BOB TO WRITE MUSIC? In North America – (Ian Arnold)

in my blood like holy wine

Earlier this week I made a presentation to people studying food issues so I played them food songs that have affected me. Started with the blues and all those sex lyrics – used Molly Jones’s “Anybody here want to try my cabbage”.
I continued with Savoy Truffle. Who among us is not amazed that the lyrics are just the contents of a box of sweets?
Moved onto the layered A Case of You by Joni Mitchell “And I Would Still Be On My Feet”
They didn’t seem to really care about any of these choices but I was right about only one thing, ending with the 70s instrumental Popcorn.


The Royal Cinema in Toronto soon is screening some P.T. Anderson films, I noticed a film I missed called Hard Eight and looked at the trailer. Damn is film life ever less interesting without Phillip Seymour Hoffman around.

some future canada post ideas for stamps

Over time as I hear my own habits, if I’m going left then I want to go right. I want to not recognize myself by the end of it and still like the song. Last year in-between chasing cars when I’m off leash, wrote a song about Jian Ghomeshi but the arrangement wasn’t satisfying. It’ll get posted eventually. Actually it is about other characters too. Recently Marie took the case of woman challenging Harvey Weinstein. Wonder if on some level she considers that a way to reframe herself? I wonder if taking a high profile case of a victim proves something different than taking the high profile case of an abuser? Hope it doesn’t mean lawyers just do anything for money.