Bob Wiseman

Heard many times so and so was born with talent and figured that that was the way it worked. Whether it was amazing yo yo tricks or amazing guitar playing, […]

Wish I had the budgets to pay people whatever they wanted when I ask them to play on something I’m recording. For my own projects wish I could get paid […]

Second batch of Kombucha way more reactive than first. Is it because of the type of sugar, the scoby, the length of fermentation? Haven’t a clue. Way more carbonated, way […]

On the subway last 2 months there is an advertisement for an upcoming financial expo. A conference with some expert millionaires, scheduled to share with participants how to get rich. […]

. Dan on bass, the weight   Cabinet of heavy woofers   A light smile, his face   . Ben worked with uncle   They fixed and improved this house […]

Don’t recall what his final mark was but the marking system bugs me, flawed, suggests if you fail you aren’t someone who could be successful or if you get a […]

There was a student who came late, who missed a third of the classes, who was mostly on Facebook even when he was in class, who handed in assignments late […]

Some people believe what you think might manifest itself into physical reality, like the old friend of Blue Rodeo I met on the street recently, who is homeless, and while […]

An older trumpet player, an improvisor, Herbie Spanier. Parachuted into some punk groups in the mid 80s. He was born in the 1920s. He was in his own world but […]