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Writes songs, tours the world, makes movies, accompanies them live, produces records, arranges music, scores tv serials and films, acts in theatre (but really not a very convincing actor) and empties cat litter way more than his wife. HOW DO I BOOK BOB FOR A CONCERT? In Canada (Bob Wilson) In America (Matt Suhar) In Italy (Monica Melissano) HOW DO I HIRE BOB TO WRITE MUSIC? In North America – (Ian Arnold)

old neil young neil

Years ago, I watched an interview with Anne Murray and she talked about age discrimination in the music business. As time does it’s thing I see what she meant, the world treats the younger very differently than the older. Was thinking about different responses from audiences when Neil Young was young and sang “look at mother nature on the run in the 1970s” vs. older and sang “let’s impeach the president”. Not sure the 2cnd thing was noticed very much despite Neil arming his message for maximum exposure with videos and talk show interviews – so much more media on his side to utilize vs. the 70s, and yet I think he had less interest from that more recent public. Just taking him for an example, but maybe the point is the context… but then again there are lots of people who command a different attention from the world when they are young vs. when they are older – even if their message is more refined. Am I just a crazy old guy showing off his delusions?


don’t listen each other
waiting more their point heard
catch myself over and over so is
the other like good playing hear the other like
rhythm objectively inside like dogs like horses
and bees and brain doing programmed
to do can’t say it out loud but then
again maybe you.


There is a strike at York University, one of my professors left me feeling confused about where she stands. I considered raising my arm in class and pointing it out but realized it might add an unwanted conflict to my eventual grade. Age old problem of seeing and speaking up …or not. A musician wrote me to ask for advice about publishing between members of a band. Tread carefully I advised, the person who gets to cut the pie might be offended by your sense of entitlement. Treat it like chess, make your moves by thinking through worse case scenarios. Once found myself in a position where the leader of a band confided in me that other members might want part of the publishing, as if me being the older musician meant I would commiserate about how selfish side musicians could be. “But Joel”, I said, “if you honour people for their contribution you get something most bands rarely achieve – respect and loyalty.”