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More than one friend believes in reincarnation and one in particular absolutely convinced, anyone who plays very well means they had previous lives playing. What can you say to someone who thinks like that except fart and walk away but I liked him too much, so I tried to be straight up.
“Anyone can play good.”
“No not true.”
“You think I play the way I do because of past lives?”
“I know it.”
“How do you know it?”
“I just do Bob, it’s obvious.”
“But I know I can show anyone how to do whatever I know how to do.”
“And do they?”
“If they do the work.”
“And do they.”
“Not usually but they don’t usually do the work. It doesn’t mean that doing the work doesn’t get them to where I’m pointing.”
“You did all this in another lifetime, maybe more.”
“Can you prove it?”
“Proof is what you do. Ordinary people can’t do that.”
And so it went, over years like ping pong.
He died since then. He once told me he hoped he comes back as a cat. That makes sense, a cat would be very experienced in being stubborn.


Heard an interview with Hanson on CBC, listened to them say things like this.

fame is really not impressive…….the interesting thing is the future…………we’re celebrating 25 years for a reason, for us this is the journey…………..people say do you ever get tired of playing your songs, well it’s part of the job

Didn’t know I could throw up so many times in a row.