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as time passes

I like doing things myself including negotiations, I feel like I can sort out what’s fair from what’s unfair but the truth is whenever I have had an agent I get paid 4 times more and whenever a lawyer reviews the contract bad shit in the deal is illuminated and corrected.

I don’t think it means I shouldn’t still do things myself sometimes, it’s just worth remembering that people who seem fair might be full of shit.


The Grant pt 1

4 middle aged white guys sit at a work table at a grant meeting to evaluate classical music submissions. one is the editor of a music paper. one is an engineer. two are composers. they are each handed photocopied notes about each piece they will judge, title of the piece, name of composers, duration, instrumentation, the companies recording and marketing plans.

the seasoned employee from the granting body starts playback of first submission. The photocopied notes before the judges indicate this piece is 12 minutes long.

“okay heard enough? shall we go to the next one?” she says pausing the playback after only 20 seconds elapsed.

all nod their heads affirmatively.



Dylan’s 77th Birthday

I was asked to play 3 songs Wednesday May 24th at Hugh’s room – a show of artists each picking 3 Bob Dylan songs to play. Thought I would do Lennie Bruce is Dead, Wedding Song and If Not For You.

Always loved the Lenny Bruce song, rightly or wrongly I thought Dylan might have especially been thinking about Lenny Bruce’s life after making Slow Train Coming and Saved and experiencing a lot of public hostility but who knows.

I haven’t had too much time to rehearse but fortunately my daughter knows the wooden xylophone parts to these songs so it’s all good.

Wedding Song

Lenny Bruce is Dead