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Cissy Houston

In the 70s I had a favourite record Surprises by Herbie Mann featuring Cissy Houston

and ever since Whitney Houston emerged and she was Cissy’s daughter I compared her to her mother and I like Cissy more


what a total master

What Probably Happened


“Ok guys there’s this skinny white boy named Rider and he leads 6 little talking puppies who have backpacks strapped to them containing amazing gizmos from pop-up x-ray machines to miniature helicopters and they rescue people who have got there cars stuck in ice or wedged their ankles between rocks, you know how that happens, also we play the rock theme song about every 3 seconds.

We only need about 2 million dollars to start. Whatdya say?”

“Sounds really creative, how about 3 million?”



Jah Would Never Give The Power To A Copyright Infringement


This singer, Jacob (killer) Miller is an amazing singer. His style incorporates a delay in his singing and I bet it came about from enjoying how delays were an instrumental effect. I imagine he thought it’s cool so why not imitate the delay back but I don’t know for sure either way awesome singing.

But there’s something odd about this song – I’ve always thought it’s take 5 by Dave Brubeck – Isn’t it Take 5’s melody? Even the B section? Just like my theory of how his vocal style came about I have a theory about this – I think it’s like George Harrison and the Chiffons. I don’t think George or Jacob Miller set out to imitate these songs but forgot how the melodies got into their heads.



Sadly I started writing this post because even though I never saw the movie The Rose with Bette Midler and even though I totally couldn’t give a shit about that song, one day 15 years after the release of my first record, the song and comedy man David Deneen-Porter told me In Her Dream opens like The Rose and he was right. I’m so ashamed. Now I never open with those notes in that sequence when I sing it ..would rather hear Conway Twitty’s version, he just speaks it and then nobody can accuse me of copying 4 notes. damn.