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I have the feeling sometimes that people like my writing but truth is often people don’t want my advice, same with students.
I was in a mall, in a store that might have been called Sportcheck, I’m not sure. Buying swimming goggles for my daughter. The 19 yr old cashier rung it in and asked if I wanted to top up what I was spending to make a donation to such and such charity. I thought about it and asked if she could let Sportcheck know I would like them to donate a significant part of their profits to this charity, since they rent this enormous space we are now standing in at Yorkdale, they must be very profitable. She started to laugh which encouraged me to further raise my offer, I would also love it if Sportcheck could add benefits to your salary. I offered to tell the manager but she said it is ok.


When the massage therapist who was working on my back muscles asked me what I did and when I said I’m a musician and when she asked me if I liked the music that was playing in the background, the horrible electronic one note generated wash of chords that made crescendos and dissolves slowly, over an over and over – I said yes it’s great because I didn’t want to risk insulting the person who is giving me so much relief. Lying was the right thing to do and then she said, I love it too.