General Happening

young songwriting student played her new song that presumes there might not be god. said she is afraid to finish it, afraid of being judged negatively when people hear it. […]

My friend once said to me you can say anything in a song. For some reason it hit me suddenly that that is what makes it a superpower. It is […]

director: can you do that thing like tarantino? composer: like this? director: perfect. (next time) director: can you add something fellini-esque? composer: like this? director: perfect (next time) director: can […]

Talked with a lawyer about simplicity and complexity.  An artist has to have many irons in the fire, many grants, many prospective clients, jobs, collaborations because you don’t know what […]

Trump pardons people convicted of crimes – first critical voice in his head has him on the run. He’s trying to tell his opponents he controls the music. Lame. Lousy […]

There was a story in Zen or Sufi anthologies about a student who couldn’t understand what their teacher was talking about so they just imitated them and then something that […]

Found a piece of paper someone left on the seat before me on the subway, a playlist. Took me a couple seconds to realize I almost met Jordan Peterson.   […]

Julia can play 2 open chords, E and A but when she watches old Jimmy at the Jamzac comfortably playing bar chords she is in awe. Jimmy, who can play […]

Jokingly said to the guy with the ponytail at home depot cutting the wood I was buying “Is this the job you wished for as a kid” he smiled said […]

Sarah Harmer​ sung on one of my records in the 2000s (theme and variations). The session was inspiring she is very creative and open plus her groovy house was in […]