General Happening

D#  was dreaming all the time, longed to be E, just a little sharper. Woke up each day wondering if today was the day,  went to bed each night regretting it […]

in the meeting I was in someone had the champs doing tequila when their phone rang. this version on her phone skipped the intro, started with the saxophone commanding everyone’s […]

Earlier sound of a big wind blowing and the leaves like percussion, like percussion sticks with sand turned upside down. Car drove by on queue to ensure no listening to […]

Something similar about box stores positioning consumers to do check out and software that comes with loops of music consumers use as their own music. Not complaining just wondering how […]

there was a program on television about zen monasteries, meditating lotus positioned people sat along corridors while a head shaven brother ran up and down the hallway screaming and swatting […]

Watching Tae Kwon Do class from the sidelines. Confused looks on most of these 20 kids between 6 and 10. . Teenage sensei yells “There are plastic cones on the […]

Had an allergic reaction, not certain to what. Skin on my hands and arms, abdomen and legs with bumps that itch and scratching doesn’t end it and at the same […]

A woman who toured for a few months with a certain band leader told me a story about him developing tinnitus, {the condition where one hears an unending frequency day […]

the internet just happened, just two decades ago or so right? the companies who position themselves to charge customers for data are charging for what exactly? is bandwidth a physical […]