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hat trick

Went to the cafe to do some writing. The owner asked me about the strike at York. She said horrible how the world is changing and people are out of work and you can’t foresee how future technologies will impact employment, people are stranded and so many jobs are discriminatory and unfair. She and her partner recently reconfigured the restaurant, now less workers do more work, same wage, minimum.
Went to an open stage, the performers and the spirit of the place awesome. Former student invited me and later introduced me to a guy he referred to as his mentor, who soon started explaining to me his perspective about the exploitation of Black people in the film Black Panther “didn’t even use a real star like Denzel because he costs 20 million dollars, people don’t realize those actors were not big stars and this is all because of the Jews. They own the comic magazines and are behind exploiting Black people.. you’re not a Jew are you?”
Went to a play with Magali, heard great things about the play from a classmate, but we were disappointed, bored. Driving home we discussed the holes in the writing and in the characters. Later, read something by the writer, about how she can’t know if men who don’t like her play are not liking it just because it is bad or because they are unconsciously biased.
Went to Youtube and watched James Baldwin freak everyone out in a 1965 lecture at Cambridge, calling them out on refusing to live and breathe equity. Perpetuating prejudice by filtering what passes for reality, “One of the great things that the White world does not know, but I think I do know, is that Black people are just like everybody else.”
Anyone can be a saint or an asshole.
Like the Dylan song, “wouldn’t know the difference between a real blonde and a fake”.

dan from UIC

Leonard Cohen said one of the best things I ever heard a dying man say. “I hope it isn’t too painful”. That’s about right. Dan died, Dan who’s surname as far as most were concerned was, from UIC. Dan from UIC died, yesterday. I hope it wasn’t too painful.

dentist fills

I met an older guy on the subway platform last fall, I thought he looked like a professor I heard of at York. I asked him but he wasn’t. We started a conversation, he told me he was a retired musician which led to a discussion about what he played, drums. Each name I dropped he had had meaningful relationships with much earlier than most people I know. Herbie Spanier, Freddie Stone, Jim Blakley. He had a lot of details about the 70s and 80s for each of those people and he played in the Toronto symphony. By the end of our shared subway ride he gave me his card, he’s a dentist at Yonge and Lawrence. I was amused, he is probably a very successful dentist but still answers to a stranger that he is a musician, albeit a retired one.