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buddy rich, patrick Brown

There is a cruel musician joke about drummer Buddy Rich who despite great musical reputation was equally known for throwing hissy fits at the musicians he employed. I think about that in light of the Ontario Conservative  leaders resigning for sexual assault accusations because I keep re-watching the news footage, and enjoying  it.

buddy rich’s house after he died. telephone rings. widow answers.


is buddy there?

no i’m sorry Buddy died.

ok bye.

moments later, phone rings


hi is Buddy there?

I just told you Buddy died.

Ya, I just like to hear it.

why improv

There is a zone my 5 yr old gets into where everything is a why question. Why is that blue? Why are there police? Why is Trump president? Why is it garbage day? Why can’t I have more? Feels like sometimes she is compelled toward the interrogative regardless of the answer. The worst is when it can’t be answered easily, and time elapses while I formulate what to say and by the time I start that answer, she’s bored and moved on. It as an improvisational opportunity,  I win points less for accuracy and more for not letting silence transpire. We’re jamming trying to keep up the tempo. Sometimes it might means supplying answers that makes no sense.

pressure drop

New semester. Students discuss which songs they will do over next months. I ask if this time they will consider writing original songs, luke-warm response. Still more eager to play covers. So we audition their collection of favourites. This always results in a couple interesting things.
1/ I learn about things that are recently popular.
2/ They learn the teacher doesn’t know shit about songs they think significant. Also means their inner doubt meter goes up re: why was this guy hired?
The song that stood out for me was by Bedouin Sound Clash called When The Night Feels My Song. It stood out as Juno contender for most obvious rip off. In the chorus totally doing Pressure Drop by Toots and the Maytals. This rivals He’s So Fine by The Chiffons or Taurus by Spirit.