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My friend musician Sam Larkin developed hearing problems and in the last years, I asked him about it one time. I liked his explanation, “hearing aids work terrible with music. and terrible in general. you have very little sense of the direction from which any sound is coming. and i’m sure our ears somehow naturally adjust volume for sounds — as the sounds are on the way in. Which seems impossible. But with hearing aids, the rattling of a paper bag can be as big as a brick dropping on the floor. Sometimes, not always. For music, especially when you’re playing, it’s the filtering you miss, again. You want to turn them up to get some things better, but everything goes up and it’s not much help. on the other hand, they pretty well saved my life because i can hear now. can’t make the distinctions between sounds too well, and volume is a problem — turn it up and it’s all up. just not a situation without them, with natural hearing. most of what is said and sung onstage — even at Fat Alberts — I don’t get. I hear the noise, but can’t filter it finely enough. Movies are the same. Really don’t know what they’re saying. But in the end, if your natural hearing is disappearing, they’re the next-best thing.”


kid: Why is it when I try to play something that is tough, after a long time practicing over and over, I can do it?
teacher: I don’t know, but true it works like that.
kid: It’s like it goes from my conscious mind to my unconscious mind.
teacher: Like learning language.
kid: Why isn’t it quicker?
teacher: Some say it is muscle memory, like the muscles are learning and then remember at a different speed than the speed of your mind.
kid: Muscles don’t have speed.
teacher: Why not? … snails, hummingbirds, trees, flies all have different tempo, why not people?
little kid: You lost me.. but maybe I’ll consider that over and over and then maybe it might make
teacher: I see what you did there.
kid:  Thanks. Can I ask you something else?


Here Winnipeg, frozen river. Once, under Donald street bridge, took a chance walked slowly across it, there was a path after all of others who went before me. Same feeling as seeing clouds below, first time airborne. We took a different kind of chance as kids, sneaking at night into the ballroom of the Hotel Fort Garry just to play the piano in the cavernous dark. Played roulette this morning with Mastercard, they put me on hold, I muted them at random intervals, hoping to catch the real person and avoid pain of direct marketing messages. Worked. Heard the father of my childhood friend died but didn’t see an online obituary. Yesterday went to old folks home. Explained my reason for being there to the security guard. After he heard the name he smiled, “he’s alive I see him everyday”. This was probably a one time chance.