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syrup solution

Yesterday I drank the worst coffee ever, I knew it as I ordered it, no turning back. A little voice held hostage up until the cup reached the tongue said I told you so, then looked for mind police to take me away. Doesn’t it know if they take me away they take it away too? Thought more about a book idea, a situation in the north that intersects reality and fantasy and wondered if it’s just an idea that remains a thinking loop. Listened to a recording sent to me from the far East requesting my opinion. It was boring and missing elements that would excite except the quality of the singer’s voice. Exceptional voice. Kind of voice only glimpsed by people on psilocybin and later nobody believes them, obvious reasons. She wants to know what I think. Bet I’ll never hear from her again unless I dip my impressions in maple syrup before giving answer. A frequent problem. The 50s continue to be a space distilling how much time is left. Pressure is on to become nothing quickly or suffer the consequences.

Captain Beefstreet

Our routine when waking up in the morning is that my daughter wants to hear one of two Sesame street vinyls we picked up a year ago in a second hand store. Christmas or Fairy Tales. She doesn’t handle them with care subsequently I don’t either it’s a lost cause and not a good turntable. One channel doesn’t work.
As time passes there are many skips. The girl doesn’t seem to notice or care but for me it’s more and more interesting each day “Christmas merry we wish, wish, wish, wish, wish, wish, and a happy” Looking forward to how cacophonous it grows and whether she will ever be disappointed or just enjoy the journey to Captain Beefstreet.

blips of blips wishing me happy new year

Loud large guy on the streetcar chose the seat next to me soon told me he had been drinking but reassured me he gets mellow when he drinks. Said “it’s smoking pot that gets me fucked up”. So relieved. Then Craigslist brought forth someone from the burbs with accessories in pristine condition for $60. My 90s Moulinex seen better days but this time I’ll give attention to cleaning parts I previously neglected. Amazed to finally find vintage replacements, as you get older you don‘t waste second chances. Don’t know why actors get so giddy about songwriters but it’s a thing or at least seems those in my orbit identify that way as if someone playing a song is more significant than a powerful actor. Don’t they know all of us are imposters, equally? Seems like every group wants to align themselves with idea that God is something that cares about their group uniquely. Irish setters, springer spaniels, terriers can’t get anywhere without the first order of business, an acknowledgement they’re all dogs everything else is second and not as important. You’re Jewish, your Muslim, you’re Lions fan – we’re all on the streetcar talking to strangers looking for a magical Craigslist deal and equally pretending to be here when in fact our lifetimes are less than the blip of a blip.