General Happening

Hard to believe durian on sale for $2.88 a pound but there it was 3 days ago. in the check out line concerned people had to ask did I know […]

One day the notes in the song realized they were alive and living notes. Soon they started to study who had similar pitches and where they were located on the […]

The older British guy in the photo store at Walmer and Bloor said when he was in college he used to watch Brian Jones at gigs. He isn’t bragging or […]

Somewhere near the Pinawa Manitoba 4th way music school, improvising students are divided into pairs. Instructor says “we’re going to practise listening”. Then A’s are instructed to tell B’s about […]

Made best curry but wrote down no measurements. If it was a movie it starred yams, onions, garlic, ginger, scotch bonnets, tomatoes, coconut milk, kale and the soundtrack was hot […]

student: Sorry I didn’t practise again. I don’t know why because I really planned to but didn’t. What’s wrong with me?   music teacher: You can’t help it.   student: […]

Saw a play one time at Passe Muraille and it had a few different music cues including some amazing jazz music sounding exactly like sectional pieces from large ensembles like […]

After his father the famous A&R executive died, the company gave the position to young Denny.  Denny who always believed he knew a hit when he heard one, made it […]

My hook shot at 14 was often surprising probably because I was short, it was unexpected but what other possibility did I have of getting around the height of  other […]

Like walking down the street, we hardly consider putting one foot after the next. The brain coordinates everything while that main part of consciousness thinks about what flavour of ice […]