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Heard an interview with Hanson on CBC, listened to them say things like this.

fame is really not impressive…….the interesting thing is the future…………we’re celebrating 25 years for a reason, for us this is the journey…………..people say do you ever get tired of playing your songs, well it’s part of the job

Didn’t know I could throw up so many times in a row.

me to me

Walking in the subway sometimes I try to walk in the same time as other people’s echoey steps and if I get that down then I try to walk in-between their steps. They the 4tr note, me the 8th note. It isn’t as easy as I expect it to be. Next I try to walk in triplets with the stranger being the 1. This means extra attention to not make my weirdness obvious. Lots of people have ear buds and I am one more of them but I’m paranoid. Had friends lose their hearing or get tinnitus or hearing aids. I don’t know what to do except practice finding silence and not turn up the volume of ear buds. I saw an art show one time at harbourfront that truly blew my mind and ears. 5 or 6 video monitors each representing a different singer, all performing a score that the conductor created from bird sounds. She studied and encoded gestures, organizing them into patterns or randomness. I thought this work would become huge but now, moe than 10 years after, I don’t think it traveled very far. She was from Estonia, her name was Kulli Kaats. I had a dream recently with new musical ideas in it and when I woke up I thought about those sounds. Tried to decide, in my conscious state, whether it was something to go learn on the piano or just something unique to the dream state. I learned it, it felt like a spooky present from a mystery origin but is there anything to our lives besides our experience of ourselves? So then just a present from me to me.