General Happening

Leonard Cohen said one of the best things I ever heard a dying man say. “I hope it isn’t too painful”. That’s about right. Dan died, Dan who’s surname as […]

I met an older guy on the subway platform last fall, I thought he looked like a professor I heard of at York. I asked him but he wasn’t. We […]

It is warming up. Only so many weeks before there will be out of control grape vine growth, now is the annual time to wonder if I can get it […]

I didn’t understand the piece where he is smashing an ancient vase. Felt offended until I saw what the cultural revolution destroyed in the name of being modern, plus the […]

Student showed up earlier than everyone else this morning, before I asked he volunteered, “I didn’t sleep last night so I just came here.” This is the same student who […]

I really did it, best tomato sauce ever. The real test is if I can repeat this or it was just a fluke. Guy who was suppose to vacuum out […]

More than one friend believes in reincarnation and one in particular absolutely convinced, anyone who plays very well means they had previous lives playing. What can you say to someone […]

When creating music, with others, mind is a little bit interfered with because to be good at it means positioning differently, like playing chess.

Heard an interview with Hanson on CBC, listened to them say things like this. fame is really not impressive…….the interesting thing is the future…………we’re celebrating 25 years for a reason, […]