General Happening

Yesterday I counted 5 entitled morons blasting music at arena volume from slow moving oversized cars. 4 hip hop 1 metal. Maybe it is the aggressive thing in the music […]

When you think about the fact that nobody can say when time started nor when it ends, when you consider how long a line that is, an incomprehensibly long line, […]

There was a musician who had a dream that he was in a foreign country and his car was loaded with gear for a gig but it would not drive. […]

There was a Toronto pianist who hated G# so much that she decided never again to ever play it. This made it awkward for other musicians to play with her, […]

Two favourite musical boasts, that Billy Cobham could play a dime against the wall and the other that Stanley Clark could sightread flyshit.

Made kombucha about 8 times, only one batch so far exploded, I would like a badge. Never obtained the top badge in swimming the bronze medallion but did get my […]

There is a woman I sometimes work with who regularly treats people with hostility. I very much want to tell her what I think of her meanness but what happens […]

Critical voices in the head probably started off with good survival objectives. How to deal with encountering a bear or a storm. ┬áCritical thought probably saved the day. That’s why […]

In each interview I explained what I could teach instead of what they are offering. And the assignments – I would enjoy dreaming them up – that place students in […]

Writing a final paper for class about an idea that tickled my brain reading Avery Gordon on how ghosts haunt the present. It makes me think for instance of Bathurst […]