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dear abbey

>Bob I’m playing with musicians I have a negative
>personal relationship with. Do you think continuing to play
>together is a good idea or not? The music is really good.
Have had to cancel sessions due to drugs, alcohol, forgetfulness or other mental health problems. Depending on how complicated it is for me to handle, if their actual talent destroyed me, I probably reschedule. It isn’t like my own history is free from moments of being a total jerk.
But it is a different story if I have to travel with someone, hang out all day and night. I vote to work with people I enjoy being around instead of how well they play. Very depressing to be in a traveling band with people you are allergic to.


If only it passed the kindergarten lunch test. Collard and rice paper rolls with tempeh, grated beet, carrot, some garlic and ginger, feeling proud. Some people sent me venom when I wrote how people can hold contrary views about art. I’m so mean and so wrong to imagine someone could love Bryan Adams while someone else is repelled by him. New idea for a play about my religious brother and how I might sneak the consideration of a different point of view into his cerebral cortex. I can see the ending and the beginning but not yet the middle. Ran into Ravi Naimpally and that chance encounter might lead to us playing together which might lead to who knows what but if fantasies of being in the Mahavishnu Orchestra or Weather Report or Return To Forever ever could come true, likely starts by exploring the expertise of heavyweights.


Lived with a dog that used to howl if I played a certain note on the harmonica. Like pressing a start button on his brain. Felt the same way about smoking, just couldn’t stop it if a certain thought in my brain was pressed. Never subscribed to the line of thought that nicotine was the problem for am I not my own master? No apparently. There is no free will and there is. One of those things that can’t be explained exactly with words. I tried to empathize with the dog and how it lived especially being a creature that should be running free that found itself restricted by people and their important television watching schedules. I promised the dog to be different and not contribute to unnecessary suffering. The dog promised to not judge me which made me feel worse. I play a bit but have remained inadequate because I compare every note to Little Walter. And why not judge yourself against those who hit the mark? Maybe because judging yourself is like pressing a button on your brain, like starting a tape loop, like entering something that will end negatively, again. Maybe better than shaking a paw is to be disinterested in participating.