General Happening

kid: Why is it when I try to play something that is tough, after a long time practicing over and over, I can do it?   teacher: I don’t know, […]

Here Winnipeg, frozen river. Once, under Donald street bridge, took a chance walked slowly across it, there was a path after all of others who went before me. Same feeling […]

5 and 6 year old kids, already on the bus,  return my look with stone expressions, in the mornings when I walk my daughter to the bus. I make a […]

Saw Coco the other day, that’s two children’s movies in one week. Used to envy those Hollywood musicians, and who wouldn’t want a shot like that, not to mention the […]

The Tranzac has a raffle coming up in March to raise money for soundproofing between rooms, improving the place. I reached  out to some friends and associates to see if […]

10 Regrets of 2017   Trump is not yet in jail.   Criticizing Darren Frost’s Rivoli set from many years ago without realizing the violent backstory.   Every time I […]

Sometimes one finds an alternative universe in another country where strangers sing the same song to the same 5 people in the audience  

Six years ago I was asked to play at a benefit for Japan following the earthquake and tsunami and later asked if I would accompany Margaret Atwood reading a poem. […]

Student: I’m going to see Star Wars tomorrow, #8 return of the Jedi, I haven’t seen this but I know everything about Star Wars.   Teacher: You know Akira Kurosawa? […]

Sometimes I’m totally distracted by someone in the audience. Sometimes it’s tempting to do certain flourishes that audiences like even if I don’t. Sometimes I thought it was great but […]