General Happening

If I hold up 7 fingers my daughter doesn’t yet know it is seven. She will count internally to get to seven.  If I said go to the part of […]

I knew a guy who always brought a smartness competition to every encounter winning over and over so when I saw her coming say things like excuse me a second […]

My oatmeal, like my kasha, is generally perfect. Not bragging, there have been many misses but that fact is the misses led to constantly perfect results (a few years in […]

. Dan on bass, the weight   Cabinet of heavy woofers   A light smile, his face   . Ben worked with uncle   They fixed and improved this house […]

There was a student who came late, who missed a third of the classes, who was mostly on Facebook even when he was in class, who handed in assignments late […]

Money troubles, trying to find Waldo. The world is meaner and leaner, the bank doesn’t care how many times I’ve been up. Have to look better on paper this year […]

Best part about tide pod challenge or people snorting condoms up their noses is I feel less awkward admitting so much popular music doesn’t have a draw for me.

Went to the cafe to do some writing. The owner asked me about the strike at York. She said horrible how the world is changing and people are out of […]

Leonard Cohen said one of the best things I ever heard a dying man say. “I hope it isn’t too painful”. That’s about right. Dan died, Dan who’s surname as […]