General Happening

Two music fans were fighting about Prince. One said everything he ever did was magic the other said he only sung about his penis. Soon they rolled out of the […]

There were a hundred amazing moments in the documentary about Sviatoslav Richter (Richter: The Enigma). In one instance he talks about pianist Maria Yudina, who was Stalin’s favourite pianist (whatever […]

York sent a letter to grad students today, sounds like nobody can balk about paying for the summer courses that are non-existent due to the strike or else you are […]

At the intersection I looked up at the three story brick house and over the uppermost window was a blown up photograph. Jeff Beck seated playing guitar, late 60s. I […]

Yesterday I counted 5 entitled morons blasting music at arena volume from slow moving oversized cars. 4 hip hop 1 metal. Maybe it is the aggressive thing in the music […]

When you think about the fact that nobody can say when time started nor when it ends, when you consider how long a line that is, an incomprehensibly long line, […]

There was a musician who had a dream that he was in a foreign country and his car was loaded with gear for a gig but it would not drive. […]

There was a Toronto pianist who hated G# so much that she decided never again to ever play it. This made it awkward for other musicians to play with her, […]