george lucas loved kurosawa’s the hidden fortress, about a family dynasty in medieval japan almost wiped out, who need to move the remaining princess through enemy territory and a trusted […]

A film released in 2018, now on Youtube. Two middle aged guys talk to Ornette Coleman in his apartment. They are visiting a master musician near the end of his […]

Director said “You read my mind. I don’t know how you did it but it’s perfect.” I could pat myself on the back but it’s so far from the truth. […]

Have to decide whether to try imitating the temp track, which they are attached to and which I don’t find good or make up things that amuse me which come […]

The director told me she really likes the temp music she hired me to replace. She said “by all means please do anything you think of but I really really […]

It’s all about stories, that’s why there is a love of films, books and music etc. And what hurts additionally when someone dies, they take their stories. Can no longer […]

lawyer: He just said he wouldn’t.   shelly: But it’s protocol, it’s in every-   lawyer: I know, I know.   shelly: What an asshole.   lawyer: I know, I […]

lawyer: We received your contract and it all looks good except your signature is missing from the non-disclosure agreement. musician: I didn’t forget, just rather not. lawyer: Pardon me? musician: […]

Most film scores have a range of music, a palette the composer paints with. But there is a film called The 10th Victim from the 1960s in Italy and the […]

Director and composer were struggling to make sense, things were not going well. She gave him a few scenes with temp music that the editor had added. He imitated the […]