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The woman ahead of me at the 24 hr Sobey’s had a $424.24 total. I was amazed. I asked the cashier after if that was exceptional oh no she said. Over $500 is exceptional, need to call the manager to approve that. Overhead speakers playing Deodato’s 2001 Space Odyssey, I thought that was exceptional. Next person after me, recognizing 2001 theme starts explaining the ape scene to his girlfriend, the dramatic confrontation between different groups fighting for position. How the introduction of a weapon establishes power and dominance (not to mention murder). He wants to discuss whether the apes were real apes or actors. I want to call the manager to approve exceptional dumbness.

unaligned chakras

The chummy filmmaker asked myself and the sound designer for our opinions on a newly cut 3 minute scene. We saw the same thing missing and it confused the quality of the story telling. We expressed it differently but we were making the same point following the invitation “I really want to know what you guys think of this”.
After we relayed our thoughts, she stopped being friendly, said we weren’t viewing it correctly, parts are missing. Turning to the editor and sounding resentful said something about how he better get that missing part before they show it again. Note to self: Try to psychically know when asked for truthful opinions to not supply any truthful opinions unless they’re flattering.