Another time I attended a TIFF premiere, that time for Fog Of War by Errol Morris. So exciting to be up close and personal with a director of such accomplishment […]

At a TIFF premiere, Q & A with director and I got the last question. I asked what his process was like with the composer.   He answered the composer […]

Dame Julia Nesbelch, the producer of City Of Wood once remarked when we were discussing a hissy fit thrown by an electric guitarist who’s claim to fame was owning an […]

Being fired is a total shock. In 30 years it happened twice and I didn’t see it coming. It was in a way good but painful. Makes you think lots […]

What Ron Proulx Said

What especially stuck out in my last conversation with Ron Proulx was when he said “this better not end up in your blog”. I knew exactly what he meant but I can […]

Best Problem Ever

I worked on a feature film earlier this year, the adaptation of the Michael Healey play The Drawer Boy. A strange experience because I attended the actual play at Theatre Passe […]

the film I am currently scoring came about because an editor at the company worked with me 2 years earlier and recommended me when they wondered out loud who to […]

I worked on a film and they required me to sign a clause that stipulated I could not say anything negative about them – ever. This became weirder by the […]