I got a call in the early 90s from the head of A&R at Warner Music who would later dislike me forever after I wrote a critical article about what […]


Never heard of this film but feeling bored of current and the new arrivals started searching other sections. Found this with Yul Brynner and Marlon Brando in the first row […]

Sometimes people approach me to score a film and explain how to write the music. Weird when they do that; probably they never before worked with a composer. It is […]

Dennis Farina died today. The amazing actor in Get Shorty. Surprising to learn he was also a cop. I agree with the person who was amused with his language skills.

Where will David Ridgen find a suitable composer for his spooky feature debut? I know where.

Neil Young at the Junos

“Ya” Says Garret nodding and smiling at me as if any second I’m going to appreciate the punch line of a great joke.