The Knight Strikes At Midnight

Director Philippe de Broca and composer Georges Delerue, almost 50 years later The King Of Hearts still my favourite film and soundtrack. The marches and carnival compositions with beautiful semitone […]

I got a call in the early 90s from the head of A&R at Warner Music who would later dislike me forever after I wrote a critical article about what […]


Never heard of this film but feeling bored of current and the new arrivals started searching other sections. Found this with Yul Brynner and Marlon Brando in the first row […]

Sometimes people approach me to score a film and explain how to write the music. Weird when they do that; probably they never before worked with a composer. It is […]

Dennis Farina died today. The amazing actor in Get Shorty. Surprising to learn he was also a cop. I agree with the person who was amused with his language skills.

Where will David Ridgen find a suitable composer for his spooky feature debut? I know where.

Neil Young at the Junos

“Ya” Says Garret nodding and smiling at me as if any second I’m going to appreciate the punch line of a great joke.