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guilty feelings

Friend overseas wrote to say she streamed my cd 3 times. According to her I probably earned a dollar in revenue. She is appreciative not stealing music, prefers streaming, wants to convey her pleasure and no guilty feelings and likes knowing I make money. That’s fine, making money is making money but it doesn’t have anything to do with making music. Awkward when people project onto me I am about being a cash register and just as awkward when judged for having made a dumb financial move, choosing to be an artist. Neither opinion has anything to do with the real point of it. Would the world really be pleased if Van Gogh and Bach quit earlier because sales didn’t prove their worth?

neil young

I was in Winnipeg a few years ago touring a play called Actionable about lawsuits and songwriting. Neil Young was going to play the next night. I figured out which hotel he would be staying at, not too difficult to figure out. I left him a package with my new CD. Thought I might be on a roll. Just a couple years earlier I did the same for David Byrne had positive results. The package came back in the mail a month later unopened. Neil has a different set of rules he travels by likely based on legal advice. Congratulations to the firm protecting him from listening to something he might like.

depressed musician

If you have a straight job, a way to make a living that isn’t based on the thing you love, it’s better it not be compromised. If you love food and then open a grocery store it gets in the way of your love that you now have to sell food that is going bad etc. you have to do business, pressure to pay the rent, probably start lying and encouraging people purchasing things you don’t believe in in order to pay your bills on time. Probably would keep your love of food in a different light if you didn’t enter the business of selling thing you love.
There was a musician who took his life a few years ago who played in a band that he didn’t believe in but the band did well and he was making more money than he did from anything else so he stayed but he wasn’t into the music and he didn’t like the people he played with. Everybody knew that and said he was depressed. Maybe it’s just that depression is a thing you can’t do anything about or maybe he would have been better if the thing he loved wasn’t what he was twisting into a form he didn’t like contorting it into. He’s missed by everyone who knew him in his earlier incarnation.