It hit me during the last Marxist class that the professor reminds me of two people. One really into Robert Fripp. Knows all about Frippertronics and his clothing and why […]

One time a piano playing pop music friend of mine, was playing at the Oasis on College street. At the end there was an impromptu jam, he motioned at me […]

Formulating my paper/ proposal. Looks like a study of two songwriters who are pretty different from each other, singer songwriter and rapper. I’ll follow them through writing, rehearsing, performing and […]

Karl Marx’s favourite Beatle song might be Revolution – but could as easily be argued, I Want You (She’s So Heavy). The fact is he owed everything to women – […]

doctor just thinks it’s from laundry. never knew why people take anti-histimenes but now i have taken 2 and the condition is disappearing. she explained the histamine is just the […]

I worked with a young filmmaker mixing music for their film. They liked the music but didn’t like the mix. Wanted more treble and more treble. Made other frequencies less […]

New batch, green and purple bonus caraway. Divided into three, plan on giving 1 or 2 away to some unsuspecting friend. Amazing sauerkraut, could give one of these babies to […]

Met with one of my professors and asked him if I could take the 20 page assignment and do it in song or poetry instead. He was very excited about […]

They say he was so talented that when he played music and started to sing, rocks would roll towards him just to be closer. When his love was killed by […]