Stan the head of A&R at Sony (known for his non sequiturs) threw his arm around the producer “are we going to go bowling one of these days or what? […]

Watched two films eerily similar in a way I can’t prove but so it is. One, a documentary about Estonia and their fight to detach themselves from the Soviet Union. […]

Q the time traveling trickster from Star Trek and Deep Space 9, Voyager etc. went back in time, and popped into Lenny Breau’s apartment who was nodding off at the […]

Watched an interview last winter with American record company executive with horrible stories of abuse from her boss, other stories about discovering talent. I tried to find an email address […]

I was blindsided when my daughter found motivation. I thought I could present her with compelling reasons to learn piano by playing little snapshots of peppa pig or yellow submarine […]

This store has a policy that if you can prove other stores have lower prices they will match it, the woman ahead of me had many coupons. While I waited, […]

I have a friend at the open stage who complained about a Warren Zevon song called Keep Me In Your Heart. She said it sounded so sappy. I told her […]

Occasionally I remember to click on Golf Digest, Steak World, Lithuania Today, How to Teach Science, Learn Japanese, Best Strudel Recipes – ¬†altering the algorithm of advertisements that come my […]

From among a few subjects I decided on gender and capitalism for my final Marx paper. . The requirements were to suck up 10 articles and spit back who says […]