ran into an old neighbour who lived across the street from me when first moved Toronto. she’s probably 15 years older than me. spoke a bit about how life goes […]

In the cafe, one person working on their computer was also on their phone talking loudly about the rights of music for their film project. They were indicating the musicians […]

The guy from the record label admires me, talks about how many things I’m associated with that move him and says other flattering things. I play him the two people […]

Had to get police check in order to be a music teacher at the summer camp. When I went to pick it up, Bay and College, I noticed they also […]

I missed watching the democratic debates but already see the mainstream media framing it as though Bernie and Elizabeth lost but a little research shows a very different interpretation of […]

I met Paul Krassner, we both played The Bitter End on Earth Day 2000, he was doing stand-up. Later, he introduced me to Odetta which I can’t describe except for […]

Something that always bugged her was how many students never practice until one day it hit her, this is exactly her relationship with her own consciousness. She implores her mind, […]

Two or three updates ago some essential components ceased to work and I was in the middle of jobs that had to be finished. Would have ruined what other people […]

Last interview for my final project. Will transcribe it and then stare at all my data and hope magically it transforms itself into something worth a Masters.¬†From behind, the man […]

There is a poster in the club, “If you download music you’re cheating a musician from their livelihood.” Lot of people think that is the main way musicians lose. It […]