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trump cafe

In a cafe, on speaker system they play the staff faves. Some have little amusing perks but nothing impresses me with the kind of excitement I get from originality, most of this is bad acting, pretending to be something it is not. Hard to not compare it to Trump last night, speaking as though he is saying something.


Teacher: You’re out of tune with the keyboard could you check your tuning?

Student: Why don’t you ask her?

Teacher: Her keyboard has preset pitch already established.

Student: You could go to the portamento settings.

Teacher: That doesn’t alter the fact that the Keyboard is already at A440 and your strings are not.

Student: But I like it this way.

Teacher: But this is a school, not exactly conducive for working in a group to have someone sharp or flat.

Student: So what.

Teacher: If it was a philosophy class I would consider your point, maybe.

Student: Into micro-tonality.

Teacher: I’m into not being out of tune, at least not here.

Student: Have you ever heard King Crimson?

Teacher: Have you ever heard Mood Jga Jga?

Student: Have you ever heard Henry Cowell?

Teacher: Have you ever heard Anhai?

Student: Have you ever heard Eugene Chadbourne?

Teacher: I toured with Eugene Chadbourne.

Student: You win.

Teacher: Then you’ll tune.

Student: Ok.

Teacher: Why are you so difficult?

Student: I was born this way.


recent disappointments

Overheard students discussing a speech about coalition building by Bernice Johnson Reagon (of Sweet Honey in the Rock). On the value of risking the involvement of people you do not necessarily identify with or even dislike. The survival advantage of that vs. collecting people similar only to yourself. After realizing the speech was from 1981, they agreed the material was too old to take seriously in 2018.

Sat on the subway and talked about 60s jazz with two musicians, who aren’t Jewish and one told a story about saxophonist Dave Liebman and how listening to him, it is like he’s trying to avenge the holocaust every time he plays.

Read that Elton John is on a farewell tour but it will take 3 years.