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trick or treat

Two best parts of the AGO Halloween kids party. One was realizing on the dance floor when YMCA came on that it was one of the greatest examples ever of songs that had an effect on power or culture. Other best part was when my 5 yr. old asked me (told me) if I could stand over by the wall, far away from her dance space.


Strange facts about grants. The artist is suppose to explain what they will make before they have made it. Let’s say Chopin comes back to life or Jimi Hendrix or Billie Holiday. Bet a record company or 50 would materialize offering to release whatever they want to record. I wonder if they also need the new zombie to explain in advance what they haven’t yet written? I wish they would just trust us and have the guts to let winning applicants proceed without having to bullshit about the content.


nanton, ab

Sitting in a coffee shop with many seniors in Nanton AB one afternoon while touring that area and a Chris Isaak song came over the little restaurant speakers. The clientele started to argue about which Blue Rodeo song this is. At a certain point I couldn’t take it any longer and piped in that it wasn’t Blue Rodeo it was Chris Isaak. One guy with anchor tattoos and Popeye forearms looks me in the eye expressionlessly and tells me it’s definitely Blue Rodeo. Imagine the ace I held up my sleeve which if I tried to use would only confirm to him and his pals that I am a delusional fool, cruisin’ for a bruisin’.