Jimmy Fallon imitating Bruce Springsteen singing Santa Claus is coming to town substituting new lyrics Robert Mueller’s coming to town – which isn’t a bad joke. The bad joke is […]

leonard cohen at the junos in vancouver 25 years ago. just a handshake by the back door as he was leaving. wished a handshake could be a long conversation but […]

Republican child molester, then whackos attack the same news outlets, frame them using actors so they “prove” they found bias. Their message, despite being a child molester the greater crime […]

Never understood why they don’t make benches available in the subway the length of the station for the waiting public like Parisians do. Is it just fear of poor people […]

Jack Layton came to one of my Rivoli shows in 1994 stayed until the end, came to the dressing room to tell me he was there, that he was into […]

Yesterday at the Santa Claus parade the first participant we noticed was a clown with a garbage can. Wonder if anyone besides me understood the planners vision: Santa at the […]

When he writes about the main issue after first writing about the quality of ketchup, everyone just wants to share ketchup stories. All of them miss the point. I told […]

Earlier this week I made a presentation to people studying food issues so I played them food songs that have affected me. Started with the blues and all those sex […]

At some point a few years ago the head of A&R sent a letter to all the artists urging us to write the Government of Canada complaining about the unfairness […]

Two best parts of the AGO Halloween kids party. One was realizing on the dance floor when YMCA came on that it was one of the greatest examples ever of […]