At the rehearsal, the guitar was so loud that the three vocalists were obliterated. Instead of directing┬áthe guitarist to turn down, this time I tried to get the singers to […]

There was a time after high school, when Linton Kwesi Johnson, The Specials and Dory Previn were mostly on my turntable, that was lucky. Last week, in one of my […]

I went into the pizza place my daughter favours, where always there is a sports channel playing and I don’t follow many sports but tonight curling was on. And between […]

In a cafe, on speaker system they play the staff faves. Some have little amusing perks but nothing impresses me with the kind of excitement I get from originality, most […]

Teacher: You’re out of tune with the keyboard could you check your tuning? Student: Why don’t you ask her? Teacher: Her keyboard has preset pitch already established. Student: You could […]

Overheard students discussing a speech about coalition building by Bernice Johnson Reagon (of Sweet Honey in the Rock). On the value of risking the involvement of people you do not […]

There was a woman who lived in a neighbourhood where there was a lot of prejudice and corruption. She learned to play guitar and started writing songs about what was […]

What was really fun, once upon a time in my life, was playing in a band that had simple pop compositions where I was expected to solo over indefinitely. Like […]

Being the youngest in the band, I was the recipient of a lot of advice in the early years of Blue Rodeo. Time to update something one member shared with […]

In the amazing doc about pianist Slatioslav Richter, he spoke lots about Russian musicians who I knew nothing about. One that sounded curious was Maria Yudina who also was Stalin’s […]