My brother is coming to town, haven’t seen him in over 10 years. I owe him a lot, he showed my child hands how to play ¬†blues, beatles and beethoven. […]

Years ago I read in Billboard that Bob Dylan hired a 30 something guy named Jeff to be his manager. I wondered who this guy was and how he got […]

Sometimes I’m blown away by someone’s music and that’s a good enough reason to try working with them, this job is about music first. Sometimes I’m not blown away but […]

other acts on the bill who play way longer than was agreed to. . the producer saying they had a technical problem with the take you preferred but fortunately the […]

Not sure what I enjoy more, the time John Cage put blank stave over a fish tank and had the musicians play the the movement of the single fish inside […]

george monbiot’s book about re-wilding was inspiring, later pitched songs based on those ideas for an Ontario Arts Council songwriting grant. won’t get it but at the same time did […]

At the end of the term when they had a public performance. His mother was one of the only parents who attended. I acknowledged his talent and made a joke […]

I was reading Howard Kaylan’s book, (Flo and Eddy, Frank Zappa and the Turtles). When they were starting out they were approached by suits at a small label who wanted […]

On the subway last 2 months there is an advertisement for an upcoming financial expo. A conference with some expert millionaires, scheduled to share with participants how to get rich. […]