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nanton, ab

Sitting in a coffee shop with many seniors in Nanton AB one afternoon while touring that area and a Chris Isaak song came over the little restaurant speakers. The clientele started to argue about which Blue Rodeo song this is. At a certain point I couldn’t take it any longer and piped in that it wasn’t Blue Rodeo it was Chris Isaak. One guy with anchor tattoos and Popeye forearms looks me in the eye expressionlessly and tells me it’s definitely Blue Rodeo. Imagine the ace I held up my sleeve which if I tried to use would only confirm to him and his pals that I am a delusional fool, cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

Vegetarian, So What

When I read Joe Zawinul and Joni Mitchell criticizing Pastorius I was upset. How could they say that when I was so blown away by his bass adventures? He could do no wrong until I read more about things he actually did.

Got to the rehearsal last month before the students. Sitting in reception room, they didn’t know I was the teacher. Listened to them talk about Rush, Lorde and Primus. Two of them particularly reverential about Neil Peart. Wonder if they know who Ayn Rand is and her ideas. I read Neil distances himself now 35 years later, congratulations.  Still she was his intellectual hero, Rush records printed dedications in liner notes to her and Neil the lyricist. You students know any poor people pining for an Ayn Rand revolution? Am I not cool? Probably. How dare anybody criticize a hero.

imagine harper

Thinking about that time on Youtube Harper played Imagine with a kid next to him during the election which he won with a majority. One possibility was he was trying to reach people who are all about classic rock, another possibility was to reach people who didn’t think he could be a non-robot, another possibility was that he was a fan of the song or John Lennon. I suspect that’s true and isn’t that weird? Guy who’s energies went into disproportionately rewarding the wealthy while at the same time undermining the poor sings “no religion too” and smiles at the cameras and makes an aside about how he’ll get into trouble for that because his base was filled with evangels. It was a moment of saying he isn’t so doctrinaire – but he was. He was a supremely biased, dictatorial poster boy for restriction. It surprised me he played piano and had relationships with music because of my bias, that people playing music have a greater likelihood to not be assholes – I’m fine with my bias.