I never saw Ginkgo trees growing up nor heard of them. Didn’t notice until 15 years ago around High Park when Daeren pointed them out extolling their virtues medicinally. Love […]

young songwriting student played her new song that presumes there might not be god. said she is afraid to finish it, afraid of being judged negatively when people hear it. […]

Had a meeting with CBC friend, possibly doing some segments based on what I’m doing at York – looking at music and power, how songs sometimes make the ruling class […]

Musicians seem like birds singing, sounding, listening, responding, jamming. Originally this was written as birds sure seem like musicians, then realized the error.

Not sure what I enjoy more, the time John Cage put blank stave over a fish tank and had the musicians play the the movement of the single fish inside […]

Working on a rap song with former student, Akeem. Added new vocals to it today courtesy of another former student Katasha and her style lifts the production values significantly as […]

was looking through¬†the richard manuel fan club page. liked him the most. there are theories about him taking his life when in rough shape. my theory is the uneven financial […]

george monbiot’s book about re-wilding was inspiring, later pitched songs based on those ideas for an Ontario Arts Council songwriting grant. won’t get it but at the same time did […]

It is a chicken and egg sorta deal, the melody or the voice. Sometimes I feel like Girl From Ipanema is a drug and I’m on it.

The best moment was everyone singing the background response “if I had a million dollars, if I had a million dollars, if I had a million dollars” and then someone […]