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At a party, young award winning musician is holding court and explaining why Bob Dylan is the worst artist in the world, “He can’t sing, he’s musically horrible” yada yada. Was a wee bit weird that they didn’t see any value in the lengthy works and history of Dylan. I thought about some famous music people I can’t stand but I’m less comfortable to brag about it, at this party anyway. I know people can lose their minds over meaningless things like artistic opinions, they can even murder over it. I bet people who are blind, probably have some understanding of that because though they never have seen they have tried to understand what seeing is. And when sighted people explain racism to them, and it comes down to a willingness to hate based upon the tonality of skin, that must leave them feeling like the sighted are way more blind. Someday, somebody should try to write lyrics like that.


There is a great moment in John Lennon’s song Revolution, the slower version, where he sings “but when you talk about destruction, don’t you know that you can count me out .. in”.
Both “you can count me out” & “you can count me in”. It’s changeable. I like inserting duality there. Had not made up his mind or maybe his conclusion was both. All the more surreal it traveled so widely.


Watched music videos of artists I never saw as young people which led to viewing Lowell George who I never got into, which led to discovering he played on Harry Nilsson’s Son of Schmilsson and then finding his daughter, Inara George’s music. Never heard of her but now I feel like we’re fiends. My old cat was also a George, as in Madame George. About a thousand people met that cat, but hardly anyone ever asked “like the Van Morrision song?”. She was named by Sam Larkin while I was recording him in my old house (which coincidentally I bought from him). The recording equipment was on the top floor and the recording space below. Had to yell through the floor to command start! stop! The cat was then a no-name kitten. Sam yelled what’s the cat’s name? I yelled through the floor “no name yet” which he heard as “Madame George” and it stuck. George, (favourite Beatle of the mystics), wrote at least two songs which I thought should be massive but never were. The first was Wah Wah. The musical hook is what impresses me there, strong as Satisfaction or Day Tripper. The other is That Is All, especially the Harry Nilsson version, the one without Lowell George.