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questionnaire fail

name one song that affected you in terms of relationships: Happy Together (Zappa Version)

name one song that got you interested in a culture you weren’t familiar with: Planet Claire (B52s)

name one song that is a guilty pleasure: Try (Blue Rodeo)  – the original ska version

name one song that affected you politically:  Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley)

name one song returns you to childhood: WIndy  (the Association)


Looking at exercises in a book about Theatre of the Oppressed (Augusto Boal). Many make me think of musical counterparts, about attention and imitation or leading and reflection, similar issues for an improvisor. Makes me wonder about titles like Music of the Oppressed but too late, top 40 beat me to it.



at the rehearsal

At the rehearsal, the guitar was so loud that the three vocalists were obliterated. Instead of directing the guitarist to turn down, this time I tried to get the singers to ask themselves. One was game to speak up, their frustration obvious,  but one didn’t care and the third felt like asking the guitarist to turn down would make them appear uncool. So only one voiced a concern about the disruption and no fellow player backed them up. And the guitarist remains not tuned into thinking about their affect. Like watching the news.