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at the rehearsal

At the rehearsal, the guitar was so loud that the three vocalists were obliterated. Instead of directing the guitarist to turn down, this time I tried to get the singers to ask themselves. One was game to speak up, their frustration obvious,  but one didn’t care and the third felt like asking the guitarist to turn down would make them appear uncool. So only one voiced a concern about the disruption and no fellow player backed them up. And the guitarist remains not tuned into thinking about their affect. Like watching the news.



I always knew the Harry Belafonte song Matilda started off Matilda! Matilda! But I didn’t realize the next line was “she take me money and run (to) Venezuela”. That’s the trouble with ripping off a songwriter.

cheap thrills

Trying to catch my bias and interrupt it,  decent cheap thrill. If I didn’t put effort into it, my right hand would just play piano same way over and over. Trying to practice it, tune into preference then reject it. A new shirt, which one looks ridiculous,  buy it. Parking car, that’s too far,  park there. Which movie wouldn’t I put on in Netflix, so choose it. On the subway which seat would be uncomfortable (the middle), sit there.

Trying to interfere with habits leads to get different musical experiences.