On my way to join the picketers at York University, I stopped to get a quick bite. Sitting at a franchise had two refreshing musical experiences from the overhead speakers. […]

Anti-reincarnation lyrics sure was cool to hear on the radio in a number one song, once upon a time   give me love give me love give me peace on […]

when i hear muzak versions of hits, my ears transfix on how they did it.   when a piano string breaks, i don’t expect to be blamed   when bananas […]

There is a strike at York University, one of my professors left me feeling confused about where she stands. I considered raising my arm in class and pointing it out […]

Sometimes I have been told by people that so and so is imitating you or ripping you off but truth is I started it. I crossed the line worse than […]

I have a box of old music, cassettes, cds, vinyl and I was going through it trying to justify why it takes up space. Many amazing things in the box. […]

I like how my own sense of hearing has a built in filter while I sit on the subway or in a noisey café, I can by virtue of observing, […]

When I think about songs that punch me in the brain and position me to follow them, wherever they lead, Stevie Wonder wins the gold. Sitting somewhere at York University […]