Like improvising in front of an audience. One musician plays something you don’t like but you can’t exactly stop, you keep going. Some instant choices, for instance restate your idea […]

Getting out the door with someone who is 5 can take about 3 hours. No sweat, you only live once, unless you are totally deluded and expect some sort of […]

Thinking on the children of my friend died in a car accident and my fantasy of knowing them when their old enough to appreciate me gushing about how much he […]

Even though Trump is president and even though all over the world, (all over history) there have been people managing things who shouldn’t, sometimes people who really are good at […]

Once heard someone not from North America remarking about popular music all sounding the same. I can appreciate that. At music school they spoke about the differences between Indian Ragas […]

I’m an insomniac, don’t know why. Once in awhile I have a long deep sleep and wake up refreshed. like I won the lottery. Writing music also feels like I […]

Three songs with synthesizers that get me every time.   . Here Comes The Sun (because I heard it 500,000 times before noticing it was there and what it did) […]

My favourite theme in a podcast is for On The Media because it’s maybe a whole tone melody? Pretty amazing and it all comes down to something more than […]

Hate trying to prove something about what the future could bring for someone in the arts. Don’t want to go there. . To clear the anxieties of parents who want […]