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feel for them

New year, new crop of students. We go around the room, among my questions – what’s your favourite music.
They are slowly freaking out when the teacher’s response reveals he doesn’t really know Ed Sheehan or Green Day or Harry Styles or Hosiers or Sia.
How are they going to learn anything about playing together if their trapped with someone not also amazed by their fave artists? I feel for them.

Every time

Every time I hear the two notes of certain Samsung texts I hear Bemsha Swing by Thelonious Monk.

Every time I hear my the opening tone of my iPhone I hear Care of Cell 44 by The Zombies.

Every time i hear a perfect 4th I hear  Here Comes The Bride.

Every time the Toronto subway plays 3 notes designating the next station I hear the theme song from Jesus Christ Superstar.

Song Plugging

There’s song plugging. Trying to market songs directly. Song pluggers. People hired claiming to get your song heard by the Taylor Swifts’ of the world. Some call it payola but then maybe all advertising is payola but then yes. Lot of “How To” books. But can a book reveal a secret? The secret is access and presumably if the song is worthy that could fly. How did Shirley Eikhard get to Bonnie Raitt? Once I read it was a song plugger, her investment paid off if true. I have songs I’d like to get to people like Michael Bublé but his manager is that fucking fuckhead who everyone knows as a fucking fuckhead. How can you ask a fucking fuckhead to let you play your song to “their” artist when you know they act as gatekeepers, it’s up to their artistic choice not the artist that employs them (and at that level they convince artists that they are the manger’s employee). When is Robert Munsch going to debut a blockbuster about this pertinent labour dystopia and warn the children of the world?
Anne Murray apparently wanted to record Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About but her producers, David Foster, Jack White and Keith Diamond dissuaded her because it wasn’t a hit. Artist defeated by the entitlement and arrogance of producers but then again if she doesn’t stick to her guns, hard to cry for her. How can one get directly to the artist? Probably can’t unless there’s an accident. Ron Sexsmith once told me when he was a courier delivering letters downtown that he found himself in an elevator with Goron Lightfoot. He started singing something from East of Midnight. Gordon was trying to not be noticed but he had to turn to Ron and point to him and smile. That would have been the perfect moment to pitch a song or at least ask for his email and pitch it later.