I saw a big shot at the hall of fame thing from the world of music publishing so I wrote him since we knew each other years earlier. Reintroduced myself […]

At the end of Silence of The Lambs, after the serial killer is killed after the story is finished there is a final scene, Anthony Hopkins on the run, surprises […]

New year, new crop of students. We go around the room, among my questions – what’s your favourite music.   They are slowly freaking out when the teacher’s response reveals […]

Every time I hear the two notes of certain Samsung texts I hear Bemsha Swing by Thelonious Monk. Every time I hear my the opening tone of my iPhone I […]

There’s song plugging. Trying to market songs directly. Song pluggers. People hired claiming to get your song heard by the Taylor Swifts’ of the world. Some call it payola but […]

You keep track of press especially flattering press because it’s like currency and gets traded into more work. I’ve had a leg up with quotable responses about my music occasionally from the […]

In light of Walter’s death, some songs that reel me in with just the first 3 seconds:   1/ reeling in the years (steely dan)   2/ birdland (weather report) […]

Re-issuing It’s True on Spotify brings memories. The house on Major. Owen downstairs by the laundry machines practising or did I invent a memory of laundry machines?. The roommate they […]

Saw a Shakespeare play last spring in Toronto, Hamlet [Prince Hamlet]. Doris offered me a ticket. Separate from great acting, staging and lighting the audience was sort of put into […]

Stevie wonder did something unheard of a few years ago. Made accessible his original tracks for Superstition so people could study it. So glad Doug set me up to check […]