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Trump’s Best Part

I saw a big shot at the hall of fame thing from the world of music publishing so I wrote him since we knew each other years earlier. Reintroduced myself and told him about the young people I’m producing who I think worthy candidates blah blah blah. Said send me some so I sent him a couple songs I’ve produced. Then I was offline for 5 hours.
On my way home I imagined what a rejection email will sound when I get back online.
“Hi Bob, I listened to the links you sent but they’re not something we can work with at this time.” Something like that.
It was good to remember to prepare for those feelings, painless to deal with when imagined in advance because it is easy to feel like a critical opinion means it’s game over and you failed. That could be true but there are so many examples of people in positions of power who don’t belong there. That type of rejection letter also is a comment on him not my dreams… and being an industry guy the things he is excited about probably bore the shit out of me.
That’s the best part about living with Trump, constant reminder how meaningless the person in charge can be. If you like your own work it doesn’t mean anything if people in charge don’t also praise it.
And if by chance it’s a letter of praise. That would be the easiest thing in the world and takes no emotional practise except I will wake up the neighbours when I scream.
As it turn out I was wrong on both counts when I got online.
“OK give me a couple of days to get to them and I’ll get back to you.”

Killer Outros

feel for them

New year, new crop of students. We go around the room, among my questions – what’s your favourite music.
They are slowly freaking out when the teacher’s response reveals he doesn’t really know Ed Sheehan or Green Day or Harry Styles or Hosiers or Sia.
How are they going to learn anything about playing together if their trapped with someone not also amazed by their fave artists? I feel for them.