viewing a tutorial about lydian modes. guy talked about hollywood composers inclination to utilize this, then played an excerpt of beethoven doing it. next he says beethoven is using the […]

it is incredible how one’s reflexes take over when something sudden happens and how defensive moves enact quicker than one’s ability to think about any of it, making fun of […]

most people who call me for lessons go for the buy five at once deal, because there is a discount. new student, hard to figure out whether i am of […]

I don’t have the usual strategies of a piano teacher, no book I’m following, no commitment to a template, no insisting on any particular scales. Just eyes open for no […]

Teaching an older person. they can’t exactly coordinate hands together the last 3 weeks. Now I’m thinking help lies (as always) in further simplifying the movement and reconsidering how they […]

When you work at something on your instrument with your hands, a scale or a sequence or a gesture, you repeat it and repeat it and repeat it. At a […]

working on a new piece and while trying to balance left hand and right hand, i’m reminded of the the effort involved trying to train one’s mind or the assumption […]

Sometimes new students asked her if she could just show them her secrets, like how does she play that passage or how does she make that technique work. It automatically […]

maybe it would be called a 12th chord. the cool sound that joni mitchell uses throughout court and spark is done by playing a 5th in the left hand and […]