Elizabeth Fischer scared me when I heard Animal Slaves in the 80s. Scared me in a way I rather liked, like first time hearing Pere Ubu or Klaus Nomi. Would […]

Zen story about a monk in the 9th century that came upon a piano in the forest and wrote a song about the fact that everything is actually either physical […]

it isn’t like they lean to left foot or right foot. each hop dual intention, one command. feels familiar maybe from improvisations.¬†watching a starling hopping on the ground.

A flock of birds is overhead. A piano teacher who looks like Meryl Streep and three students who look like the Thompson Twins sit in High Park having a picnic […]

After the Board mtg. I walked with Anand to his place then down College from Grace, it was about 9:45pm. I passed an expensive men’s clothing store and heard piano […]

In this one country they teach piano by calling attention to binary conditions, yes no, conservative liberal, male female, right wing left wing, day night and ultimately left hand right […]

On my way to teach in a neighbourhood I do not usually hang in, noticed in the distance a big sign for a piano store. Thought that was cool and […]

the young whippersnapper played as fast as possible. the old pianist said where’s the fire? young whippersnapper said you never know when you’re going to die. maybe i’ve had it […]

Turned on the metronome, said to the little guy “Can you hear the sounds that are repeating?” nodded affirmatively. Then I asked if he could do it but he played […]