Someone asked where I’m at with my piano and I realized the answer is more about where I’m at with my brain. What interests me most stems from thoughts about […]

It’s all about stories, that’s why there is a love of films, books and music etc. And what hurts additionally when someone dies, they take their stories. Can no longer […]

Sometimes she came upon a piano somewhere, alone or in concert and there was one note broken. No matter what she planned to play, the broken note always found a […]

I moved to Toronto from Winnipeg to study improvisational piano music/ playing with Casey in the early 80s. It was a big deal being 20 in a new city, getting […]

I didn’t practise. Sorry. I think I will each time but I don’t until the day of the next lesson and then I feel horrible like an imposter. I know. […]

Writing a new piece avoiding playing previous patterns. ¬†As days pass the unfamiliar becomes less confusing. The new ideas moves into instinct. Slowly, the need to think through each finger’s […]

wake up, new day, same tape loops. a little fishy, no? the part of us that we walk around believing us, is maybe good at deciding which chocolate bar to […]

Often, teaching, you hope people will realize the value or power of subjects discussed but usually it doesn’t happen in front of you, if it happens at all. ¬†Reviewing some […]

The inner division during this process of writing a new piano piece. I play and look to see what it wants to do even though I am it. Put another […]