My daughter invited 7 kids from down the street over to play tonight. ¬†Girls between 7 and 10. They all went downstairs to her room and put on costumes. One […]

There was a story in Zen or Sufi anthologies about a student who couldn’t understand what their teacher was talking about so they just imitated them and then something that […]

Heard many times so and so was born with talent and figured that that was the way it worked. Whether it was amazing yo yo tricks or amazing guitar playing, […]

Second batch of Kombucha way more reactive than first. Is it because of the type of sugar, the scoby, the length of fermentation? Haven’t a clue. Way more carbonated, way […]

Cecil Taylor, the man in the driver’s seat of modernity for decades, who is 89, I heard is ill today. First heard him at music school. Hard to believe there […]

5 billion light years from Earth. The latest star, farthest ever seen, is apparently that far away. Yesterday showing niece how to play that horrible 1-6-4-5- song on the piano. […]

After the piano lesson, we passed an old organ and my student said “wow an organ, how does it work?” I plugged it in and told her to go ahead […]

Why can’t I take lessons with you? I didn’t say you couldn’t take lessons, I said I couldn’t teach you. Why can’t you teach me? Because you don’t practice. I’m […]

There was a music building at the University of Manitoba and sometimes¬†I had my own winter olympics there, arriving at night and not slipping on icy stairs. Being Winnipeg, one […]