After the piano lesson, we passed an old organ and my student said “wow an organ, how does it work?” I plugged it in and told her to go ahead […]

Why can’t I take lessons with you? I didn’t say you couldn’t take lessons, I said I couldn’t teach you. Why can’t you teach me? Because you don’t practice. I’m […]

There was a music building at the University of Manitoba and sometimesĀ I had my own winter olympics there, arriving at night and not slipping on icy stairs. Being Winnipeg, one […]

Student canceled lesson, disappointed in their progress. Some get defeated about practicing or rather, defeated about not practicing. It is as if there is a tricky part of the mind […]

There is a certain gesture I like using currently as a starting point in improvisations, like the way certain people have a usual chess opening. It positions me to consider […]

A group of Jazz musicians from Philadelphia and New York came through Winnipeg in the mid 70s. They gave workshops before giving a big concert. I signed up for the […]

Sometimes people talk about different keys of music as if they are distinct emotions. Sister Rosetta Tharpe said B is the sad key, in an interview once, Dylan said E […]

Used to drive on the left and faster than the pack but experience altered me. Now the slow lane, no guarantee but better odds for longevity. Hard to not play […]

There’s this funny thing that happens when you play a mistake and try to fix it. Often you play the mistake over and over and over expecting to play it […]

At the improv workshop, the teacher said his system regarded musicians as having two types of consciousness. One is attention all over the place kind. Though you are supposedly engaged […]