There’s this funny thing that happens when you play a mistake and try to fix it. Often you play the mistake over and over and over expecting to play it […]

At the improv workshop, the teacher said his system regarded musicians as having two types of consciousness. One is attention all over the place kind. Though you are supposedly engaged […]

Would like to see a hidden camera on composers offered a lot of money to score with ridiculous directions. We have $18,000 in the budget can you make it sound […]

People sometimes don’t speak English well and certain people think the way to respond to that is to speak English back louder! Even more distressing when the fluent English speaker […]

One day as a teen put paper over the piano strings, sounded awesome. Couple seconds later mother freaked demanded it stops, piano will be wrecked. After that if parents went […]

I don’t care if my kid plays music or not but I want to make it easy to grab it if she so desires. I play in front of her […]

1987, in the studio with Terry Brown and Juno award winning engineer Mike Jones, Bruce Hornsby’s song That’s The Way It Is comes over the air waves during a break. […]

Freud: Can you teach me how to play Bohemian Rhapsody?   Wiseman: Probably   Freud: How will you do it?   Wiseman: We’ll do small parts then incrementally you’ll know […]

People wanting piano lessons.   See how the black notes are grouped into threes and twos.   Reach/ press those groupings up and down octaves, whatever speed you can.   […]

Over the years as the Gerrard street restaurants and other businesses increase I remember the wee house still standing on the north side and the small town feel weekly arriving […]