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5 F student excerpts

Freud: Can you teach me how to play Bohemian Rhapsody?
Wiseman: Probably
Freud: How will you do it?
Wiseman: We’ll do small parts then incrementally you’ll know the whole.
Freud: Have you don’t this before?
Wiseman: Not this one but other songs.
Freud: That worked out?
Wiseman: Yes and No.
Freud: Yes and no?
Wiseman: Sometimes people got what they wanted, sometimes more than what they wanted, sometimes they didn’t or quit.
Freud: I’d like to know more about when they didn’t or quit.
Finkleman: Can you teach me how to play Bohemian Rhapsody?
Wiseman: Probably
Finkleman: Well can you or can’t you?
Wiseman: It depends on what it’s like to work with you.
Finkleman: What do you mean by that? I got the money right here.
Wiseman: Because whether or not you will practise what I show you is an unknown.
Finkleman: Forget it I’ll call someone else.
Fenster: An your tiach mi t;playimg Bheman apsody?
Wiseman: What?
Fenster: Grat, Sozey de kaiser.
Wiseman: Benicio?
Fenster: No poem jes won dater Bheman apsody.
Wiseman: I love your work man.
Fenster: Yamahm it’d kay me toonie.
Fetty: Can you teach me or reach me? Can you preach me Bohema Rhapsody?
Wiseman: Probably.
Fetty: Better try ‘n do a right job I got a glock in my ‘rari Bob.
Wiseman: If you buy 5 lessons in advance I make a discount.
Betty: You think this deal something I need more than her ass and how I got the weed ?
Wiseman: Up to you but I do have one opening.
Fetty: So I sit my ass on this seat. I get my stove you bring the heat. We hit the strip clubs find a magic pole then we be cooking’ piano it’s how we roll.
Wiseman: I think you do the club yourself, it’ll be like a break to help process some of what we’re doing and then we’ll move on.
Flash: I need to learn Bohemian Rhapsody fast?
Wiseman: Fast?
Flash: Fast.
Wiseman: You have to learn it slow before you can go fast.
Flash: You don’t understand.
Wiseman: A lot of people try to play fast.
Flash: It’s my superpower.
Wiseman: Is that why the track suit and mask?
Flash: Not a track suit.
Wiseman: It’s my superpower too, yes I can show you easy peasy.
Flash: I got your email from Cat Woman.
Wiseman: Say hi.
Flash: We don’t talk.
Wiseman: Sorry.
Flash: But she loves that song.
Wiseman: I get it.


People wanting piano lessons.
See how the black notes are grouped into threes and twos.
Reach/ press those groupings up and down octaves, whatever speed you can.
Rest of it is more like that. See patterns, play with them.
p.s. you need special footwear.

skydiving from the couch

Over the years as the Gerrard street restaurants and other businesses increase I remember the wee house still standing on the north side and the small town feel weekly arriving there in 1985 studying with Darwyn Aitken, a big guy, a smoker, unimpressed with whatever I wanted to show him.
He focussed on exercises to play 3rds or 6ths with a technique called the hop. He thought mastering the hop was quintessential for a pianist. There was an arpeggio exercise too he said Bill Evans was doing when heard practising for his last show in Toronto. That’s all I remember pianistically and it wasn’t life changing but the cool thing being around him was he studied with David Sapperton who studied with Rafael Joseffy who studied with Franz Liszt.
That’s Mr. Franz Liszt, thank you.
Liked imagining some of Liszt’s fairy dust traveled to his students and then their students and then their students even though I know that’s as reasonable as thinking we breath the same air as Stephen Hawking so we might all be just as good at physics. (or does that make sense?)
Anyway the Hungarian Rhapsody #6 – a pianistic nuclear bomb. Just adore the mind behind that crazy 10 minute death defying sculpture, especially the last movement which feels about as close as I’ll ever get to skydiving while being on a couch with headphones.