People wanting piano lessons.   See how the black notes are grouped into threes and twos.   Reach/ press those groupings up and down octaves, whatever speed you can.   […]

Over the years as the Gerrard street restaurants and other businesses increase I remember the wee house still standing on the north side and the small town feel weekly arriving […]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuCbQCnoIzI Got into music school because I lived out of province sent a cassette demonstrating my piano playing, something classical and something jazz. Was glad I could send in a […]

Stay in the key of C Use the sustain pedal Only play slow bass notes in left hand Never obtain a piano made of hammers-hitting-strings Keep playing that music you […]

I worked with an inspiring  pianist who’s body language was the opposite of mine. I squirm and contort. My legs and torso move in different directions and my head flings […]

people in concert play a “wrong” not while improvising or soloing, then a couple instant thoughts usually go through the brain. one is to correct the note but then you […]

Some people I teach are notation-reading-only-musicians and some have a similar story in their background being at parties where people are jamming and despite playing all their life they can’t play […]

There was an idea to treat outer space like the ocean it is and in 1977 they launched spaceships Voyager 1 & 2 replete with messages in a bottle ostensibly […]

For a certain type of musician whatever they can do isn’t good enough. New people to piano have difficulty playing hands together. One forgets how real a complication that is […]

fred: i hate bach judy: bach is a genius randy: i’m trying to eat dinner. why are you fighting? judy: we’re not fighting he’s bragging about being stupid. fred: bach […]