Heard a record one time with amazing piano. I checked the liner notes, the pianist was Jaki Byard. I hadn’t previously heard of him but could tell he was a […]

le Freak

(Anna is on the right but interestingly I notice all four musicians are nail polish-less) I need to take change out of my pockets when I play piano. Even paper […]

I recorded more brilliant vocals by Meg Tennant on the finalĀ  Sam Larkin record. I find when a great artist like her, tells me (after almost every take), that she […]


http://vimeo.com/65503586 Just found this on Vimeo from last April. Coolest birthday present possible.

Doug McClement sent me a copy of the tracks. A whack of famous recordings but all I had my eyes on was Superstition. The separate tracks. The….Separate…..Tracks. Have spent a […]

Ray Manzarek Jr. died today (who knew he was Jr(?), but I just read his Wiki). All those journalists who would ask me about Garth Hudson or Rick Wakeman when […]