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In the dream I re-entered the house where all the activity was for the tour and didn’t see anyone when suddenly a 250 lb tiger approached me. At first I thought it was a joke, two people inside a huge animal costume until it jumped in the air and the thud of its weight and the way it’s eyes seemed to be breathing I realized it was real and unamused. Unlikely I can spar with a killing expert plus when I was eleven I never finished my Judo training with Tug Wilson. I whispered Grant’s name a little urgently.
He was in the next room on the phone confirming a show for Jerry Jerry at the opera house in Ashcroft, British Columbia. The place that was run by a charming guy named Martin who in a previous life was with the Hare Krishnas in Los Angeles trying to turn people on who he approached in airports. I played there the year before and stayed up a long while fascinated by Martin’s life stories. BC always the centre of magical touring. No surprise there was a tiger in my booking agent’s kitchen. A few years earlier the first time we played the Sunshine Coast, when we disembarked from the ferry we encountered large handwritten signs put up on telephone poles by Jamie, the promoter. These signs were brief encouragements every 3 or 4 kilometres “Welcome Bob”, “This way Bob”, “Almost there, Bob”.
Grant entered oblivious about the tiger. Wanted to know if I would play Victoria. I pointed at the tiger and he looked annoyed at me.
“Are you going to play Steamers or what?” I changed the subject.
“What do you think of comments?” He rolled his eyes like it didn’t mean anything. “But they missed the point”. He paused a long time and then smiled,
“About being jaded and the subway?”
“Yes” I said.
“Ok look, I don’t like trying to explain this because most people can’t follow it plus you’re not even paying me for this information but here’s the thing – people are like machines on auto pilot and if you try to change them you’re just like them. To get angry or upset when someone is jumping up and down angry and upset with you, that’s pointless. They just want to hear their own voice bragging about what kind of guy they are. As if it was something other than a mechanical experience – so don’t be the same, now where’s the tiger?” I looked around didn’t see it.
“How did you do that? Where is it?”
“We’re good for Steamers?”
“Yes sure but where’s the tiger?”
“I dunno it was your tiger not mine.”

what’s wrong with this picture?

2016 I pitched another show to CBC and they liked it and gave me a little money to try making a pilot. They ask is it a podcast or a radio show, I don’t know I just have ideas, you guys can figure out where to put it if you like it. Working alone in and around everything else I do it took 3 months to make it and a few weeks after I submitted the finished sketch they told me it was reviewed (committee of about 60 people) and it wasn’t liked so much but they liked my voice and think I should try again, pitch something else please.
Said if you like one song by Prince you realize he had 9 others on the record? Why not invite me in to be part of a team, part of the program. I made this in a vacuum but if you think there’s something you like about my voice allow for the opportunity to work with all of you and get paid in a regular way so I can justify reorganizing my life. But they don’t work like that. Probably reflects damage done by Harper or maybe there’s a different explanation but I prefer blaming Harper for everything. It’s not like he didn’t do things that encourage one to think this way.
The idea of the podcast (or radio show) was to look at people who left an established career but the emphasis I wanted to place was with the frustrated feelings and opinions of friends and family some of whom still don’t understand years later why the subject changed their path. Strange this idea would resonate with me huh?
To make it more unique I wrote songs about the storyline and used my students to perform and record them bending toward their aesthetic instead of mine which made a whole other unique layer to the storytelling.
Proposed title What’s Wrong With This Picture?
Back to the dust in.

easy answer

My daughter spilled orange juice onto my Macbook last weekend. Who’s fault could it be but mine letting a 5 yr old watch a program on a computer with a tall glass of orange juice in her hands. Track pad soon became all whack-a-doodle, could not click on anything and the longer the computer remained on the more it started being controlled by invisible forces. Repair inquiries indicated $150 – $300.
Decided to take the plunge after reviewing fix-it tutorials on Youtube but more than one friend said
“I’ve never done that.”
“Are you crazy?”
“Don’t do it.”
“Have you ever done it before?”
Chickens, all chickens but the thing is, most of us (leaders of music projects) know we have to do everything ourselves, that’s how it is probably always will be. We book the shows, we pick up the band, sell the merch (nowadays I give it away), pay the gas, negotiate the door, negotiate the studio time, the schedules of others (insert infinity).
Very unlikely anyone ever gets to be Ron Sexsmith – gigging around the world and doesn’t know how to drive a car – astonishing. People drive him to and fro. It’s unnatural, it’s incredible. One in a million. If orange juice spills into his computer bet someone swoops down from the clouds and fixes it free, maybe it would even be me, “gimme that damn computer lemme at it with my 00phillips. There, done, your welcome”.
Sometimes interviewers throw a certain question out to me as though they are asking something nobody ever thought of before.
“Let me ask you something, in a perfect world what is it you want? A record deal? A movie deal? Produce a hit? Write a hit? A world tour?”
I know the answer to this question, it’s the easiest question ever invented in a world of difficult questions.