ad on the subway for a radio station trying to demonstrate that they are a place for indie bands. the slogan said something like 90% of their music was not […]

Inside Starbucks, using the bathroom and there is a community board advertising local theatre and other local things, like as if Starbucks was small and genuinely interested, the way a […]

There is a story out there that John Lennon got Harry Nilsson a 5 million dollar contract in the 70s by showing up and intimidating the RCA president. Everything is […]

In the dream I re-entered the house where all the activity was for the tour and didn’t see anyone when suddenly a 250 lb tiger approached me. At first I […]

My daughter spilled orange juice onto my Macbook last weekend. Who’s fault could it be but mine letting a 5 yr old watch a program on a computer with a […]

God Finds Cats

Been looking for a logo for my record label called –  God FInds Cats. Probably start with the release of Sam Larkin’s posthumously completed collection of 12 songs entitled The Secret […]

Tip Sheets

  I wrote to Todd Sullivan at Geffen in the late 80s because I read he was an A&R guy at Geffen. I wrote to a few people like that but […]