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What a pleasure to work with people (Garrett and Dan) and let them interpret however they saw fit.

Too many times I’ve been called in to be the artist I am only to find out I’m requested to be the artist I am as if the person hiring me is me. Not the same thing. I deal with it, I smile, I try to be helpful but it isn’t the same as taking the risk trusting someone you hired to do what they do whether or not it makes sense to you. That’s the gamble that nobody wants to take with a few exceptions. Without those exceptions we wouldn’t have the best artists.

that’s my lecture thank you very much

God Finds Cats


Been looking for a logo for my record label called –  God FInds Cats.

Probably start with the release of Sam Larkin’s posthumously completed collection of 12 songs entitled The Secret Songs of Sam Larkin.

A few people suggested ideas or offered sketches including the reverend Aitor, who’s painterly piece makes me think it should be used for GFC headquarters. We’ll see but so far I think Michael Cooper’s creation is in the lead… but it isn’t over.

Hopefully we will release records from Anhai, Maria Kasstan, Mimi Oz and a few Blocks artists and other friends.

Tip Sheets



I wrote to Todd Sullivan at Geffen in the late 80s because I read he was an A&R guy at Geffen. I wrote to a few people like that but he was different, he wrote me back. He liked the record I produced for Bob Snider. This was very unusual and flattering. Eventually I sent him the record I did for Ron Sexsmith and he wrote me back (12 months later!) to say he didn’t like it but the guy in publishing did and I should call that guy, Ronnie Vance.

At least Todd was decent enough to listen and be straight up with me. Eventually Ronnie Vance signed Ron Sexsmith and now Ron isn’t a walking messenger downtown. There are subscriptions in the music and film business that you can join for a few hundred dollars. They send you tips daily or weekly or monthly. I use them for who’s looking for what and my batting average isn’t spectacular but the bigger picture isn’t the instances that failed; the cards are stacked against you anyway, the bigger picture is acquiring emails of who’s who and starting a relalationship with someone who might utilize your work another time.