Etude 1990 (For Earlier Media)

Reviewing the video 25 years later it doesn’t look like Denise Donlon believed young Bob. What’s so difficult about a collaboration between people who never met?  Looks to me like […]

I read about a label in the UK called Angel Air releasing Jackie Lomax’s last work. I liked Jackie Lomax and wrote a little something after he died. So I […]

50 Cent and Vitamin Water?!

Somewhere in America they love me – or at least they did one day last August when a writer for Earbits named Scott Feldman was given the assignment of reviewing […]

Stands out in my mind as killer brilliant moment – that they played this just as they did in that other century, perhaps now more uniquely. Met Dave walking down […]

Sam Larkin's Song

On my record Giulietta Masina At The Oscars Crying I cover the song Children At Play by Sam Larkin (famous for his love of  blending steel workers). It is listed […]