There was a church at Major and Bloor where myself and other pianists practised in one of two beautiful rooms for $1 an hour many years ago (hence price). One […]

I heard about an app where people partner up and watch you work on something, like your music or your writing or your cooking. They watch you do this in […]

A friend asked me one upon a time what I thought of her violin playing. I hate that question because I wasn’t blown away and I love this person, even […]

There is a problem between many parents and the kids. It happens once they see cartoons, captured by moving pictures. They become as insistent as kids can be when they […]

Legendary songwriter poet ┬áSahara Spracklin was at Fat Alberts open stage last night and her work figures largely on relationships, ones that didn’t work or are incomplete. Often offering ideas […]

the young whippersnapper played as fast as possible. the old pianist said where’s the fire? young whippersnapper said you never know when you’re going to die. maybe i’ve had it […]

At the airport there were two people operating a booth advertising the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. I took their flyer and they gave me a banana. Have to admire whoever directed […]

At the end of the semester showcase for friends and family somebody’s younger sister or brother usually notices and queries “why don’t they turn down their volume instead of wearing […]