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Listening is a big deal, obvious yet listening to each other is rare. If I start to imitate anyone in the band, in a subtle way, like what the drummer is doing on the ride, or the rhythm of the bass player – they will start to jerk their heads like dogs trying to pin point the whereabouts of a hiding bird. When they locate who’s doing it (me) they smile because we will have this in common now.
With singers it’s the same but opposite. It’s not playing where they are singing.  Singer’s realize you gave them room to be heard or another way, showing how good you can play during most of their part ruins their space and they hear how you’re listening only to yourself.

When All the Dime Dancing is Through

1991, it’s a long story but there i was on the stage at soundcheck for Paul Simon’s 50th birthday show in Central Park and Edie says this is the drummer Steve (meaning Steve Gadd).

I felt like I was in the scene in Wayne’s world where they meet Alice Cooper and can’t help but get on their knees proclaiming “we’re not worthy”.

He was a small thin guy, a whisp. I got tongue tied and became inarticulate, said something about how important his work was to me and my best musical friends in high school and something else about the cymbal patterns on Aja and I don’t really recall what else I mumbled but he was not annoyed.

Doesn’t everyone wish their favourite artists be as cool in person as they are in the art you know them for? He asked about the music I was making with Edie. Surreal magic to feel like I was friends for 12 seconds with Steve Gadd like seeing the Beatles in Hamburg.