The trombone makes more sense to me than the trumpet. The trombone’s sounds go lower the more it is extended but when I watch trumpet players some sort of quantum […]

The audience applauded each time any of the three musicians took solos, nice. People could not contain their admiration for what just happened but makes for a few other questions […]

I was hosting the Tranzac open stage last night filling in for Sarah who had a headache. There is a guy who goes by Geddy Kr├╝ger who must attend every […]

Watched someone play who was boring and asked myself what makes this so boring. It was that he played all the right notes even if his rhythm sometimes faltered, even […]

After my van was broken into and the equipment stolen, sometimes I thought up slogans for future tour camouflage. 1/ Dirty Diaper Pick-Up Service 2/ Dioxin Disposal 3/ Best Boa […]

I had a Van Morrison record, Saint Dominic’s Preview, and for years I loved the first song which referenced Jackie Wilson, a singer I didn’t know. Recently went on a […]

Magic is a great joy. There are two card tricks I know. They are both impressive, never show anyone how to do it. Keeping secret is how magic works. Watched […]

One time we played on Super Dave Osbourne. I didn’t know he was a joker in the Andy Kaufman tradition. I was surprised when years later I realized who he […]

There was a woman who performed magic tricks at Smokey Joe’s open stage at 519 Community Centre on Friday nights long ago. Stella Louise also played Johnny Cash songs on […]