Soloing in concert is sort of like looking both ways before you cross the street, like playing with the idea that one mistake could be fatal, like it is about […]

In 1991, a Canadian fan living in Poland, organized three shows for me. Krak√≥w, Kazimierz Dolny and Warsaw. The Poles were in the midst of devaluing their money, removing three […]

mystery person shovelled my walk again like they did two times before. i suspect it is a certain neighbour and it pleases me lots that they do this before i […]

Listened to a guy other night at the open stage perform with a machine that starts/ stops loops easily. It had a pitch shifter built into it, his voice could […]

Some books about the mind direct a person to practise stopping thought and have methods like staring at a candle, sitting in lotus position, chanting a name like Honest Ed […]

when mark hundevad said he’s playing tomorrow around the corner from where i live – with juini booth, who i didn’t know of, but who has played with tony williams, […]

at the xmas show, an eight year old on stage was speaking into a microphone and it started to feedback. he froze not knowing what the feedback meant or what […]

Best I think through the hard version, the failure, because if it’s easy there’s no problem. My daughter says easy-peazy-lemon-squeezy. wish that was my back up band, let’s hear it […]

People perform songs in class, develop experience playing in front of others. There is something in this I endorse because it develops one further. We could theorize about it, but […]

Three weeks ago we screened the film Alive Inside for the songwriting class. It’s about dementia seemingly interrupted by listening to music. Hoping to remind the students, even though schools […]