At my daughter’s school party this evening there was some entertainment, a man on stilts juggling and doing some magic. The music he had playing behind him was pretty elevator […]

I planned to play some instrumental music on the grand piano at the show the other night but I chickened out. By the time I was on half the audience […]

at the Y everyone is wearing a headset or else watching a tv on their treadmill. what is it about working out that makes people desire placing their mind elsewhere? […]

A teacher I had long ago who gave students many more insults than compliments once said something flattering about me while I was playing. He turned to Anne and pointed […]

there was a guy who used to solo with his mouth wide open and his left foot kicking at the air and one time the bass player asked why he […]

My grandmother babysat me often and I liked being with her, listening to the same stories like showing up for her first job and the man in charge telling her […]

Yesterday I was cutting through U of T in my snow boots and enjoyed looking at the outside design of Convocation Hall. Thought about some shows I’ve seen there over […]

The trombone makes more sense to me than the trumpet. The trombone’s sounds go lower the more it is extended but when I watch trumpet players some sort of quantum […]