There was a songwriter who, when she was a teenager, got a job as an assistant to a famous movie actress. Later in life, she became a songwriter and touring […]

I have many dead friends on Facebook. Sometimes I look at their old profiles now cluttered with advertisements for sun glasses and vacation getaways. We had a discussion in class […]

There was a joke I once heard that made fun of Ringo Starr. The joke went like this “who was the luckiest person in the 60s?” the answer was Ringo […]

Flams are so powerful because the musician is simultaneously demonstrating an understanding of how to play the beat in time and the capacity to intentionally alter it.

I admire the way insects work and work; the Borg in Star Trek. Unconnected to anything internally, ‘guys enough of this, let’s get a slice’. When I view them working, […]

I played with a musician who was not very talented and frequently made mistakes and they did the weirdest thing, they turned up their volume. Seemed so unintuitive to call […]

There were many people I came upon who admired Lenny Bruce. Who talked about him as an important catalyst for change re: censorship. Some people said everyone owes him for […]

Elizabeth Fischer scared me when I heard Animal Slaves in the 80s. Scared me in a way I rather liked, like first time hearing Pere Ubu or Klaus Nomi. Would […]

Sometimes people tune into the fact that all of us are positioned to experience the world as though we are the stars of a movie, a movie about us. Sometimes […]

I had to learn Riptide for a presentation and while doing some research I looked at Vance Joy’s Wiki and noticed his most famous song established in no small part […]