There were many people I came upon who admired Lenny Bruce. Who talked about him as an important catalyst for change re: censorship. Some people said everyone owes him for […]

Elizabeth Fischer scared me when I heard Animal Slaves in the 80s. Scared me in a way I rather liked, like first time hearing Pere Ubu or Klaus Nomi. Would […]

Sometimes people tune into the fact that all of us are positioned to experience the world as though we are the stars of a movie, a movie about us. Sometimes […]

I had to learn Riptide for a presentation and while doing some research I looked at Vance Joy’s Wiki and noticed his most famous song established in no small part […]

There was a tweet from Bernie Sanders on July 10th from Wall Street and while speaking to the camera a UPS delivery person passes him and without interrupting pats him […]

The orchestra auditions are done behind a curtain so that the assessment is primarily about the tone generated and the sound of the execution. To whatever extent the player might […]

The weirdest thing happened, she found herself thinking she should make her work more understandable. Then she realized that that entailed abandoning what turned her on in the first place. […]

There was a songwriter who worried about forgetting their lyrics so much that when they got to the actual performance they had crippling stage fright and took the stage nervously. […]

There was a church at Major and Bloor where myself and other pianists practised in one of two beautiful rooms for $1 an hour many years ago (hence price). One […]

I heard about an app where people partner up and watch you work on something, like your music or your writing or your cooking. They watch you do this in […]