Last week I went to the open stage called R.I.S.E. in Scarborough for the 2cnd time. Unlike the other open stages I know, R.I.S.E. is predominantly hip hop youth, community […]

Many times distracted and so suffers the music.¬†Maybe it is a maturity thing, but the last show with John Oswald, was meaningful for all the right reasons, shooting for a […]

She plays white notes in the middle of the piano with both hands slowly, random spots. I join on the upper register at same speed just different random white notes. […]

One of them wants to have a meeting to discuss the performance after it is over, fine with me and yet I don’t seem to be able to get it […]

Some artists I admire most coincidentally supplied promoters with the best bios. ¬† . Sam Larkin milked the cow morning and evening when he was six years old. And continued […]

An older trumpet player, an improvisor, Herbie Spanier. Parachuted into some punk groups in the mid 80s. He was born in the 1920s. He was in his own world but […]

I played a piano song at the Tranzac open stage. People applauded. Asked did I play too much (because usually people do 2 songs but I might have played too […]

The grammy award musician asked me to play something on the CBC grand piano, he reminded me of a pool shark, I recognize the tone or other non verbal clues. […]

Played a cabaret featuring a Chilean singer songwriter accompanied by a percussionist. When he played maracas the quality of his work left me spellbound. After, I complimented him, then he […]

When I was little I saw Lightnin’ Hopkins at the Playhouse in Winnipeg, saw Muddy Waters too but Lightnin’ Hopkins felt more powerful or unique, seemed like we all were […]