One time I showed up to a place where another artist was rehearsing who knew some of my work. He was excited to meet me and to show me his […]

Read that someone was collecting retorts to hecklers, asking for contributions but instead reminds me of witnessing performers die from heckling. Saw a solo musician enter into a nervous breakdown […]

  Good improvisors get to experience making life. If audiences get it, it’s the same for them.

Listened to an older professor explain to students how to think about being on stage when presenting academic papers. Told them to take notes to the podium then walk away […]

That bluegrass banjo aficionado also said one time that when the song is over, if people applaud you should hold up the instrument and point at it implying who deserves […]

Working with young musicians, rehearsing covers, my job to be concerned about everyone’s part, to diligently listen to each perspective. Like producing records. Hard to not show any bias when the […]

Fave moments at last nights Songwriters Hall of Fame.   . Stephan Venne talking about melodies, calling peaks or climaxes the money note, later k.d. Lang demonstrating.   . The […]

I just want to tell you before I play this song that it isn’t finished and I shouldn’t even be playing it. . Please don’t judge me for the lyrics […]

Another way to get over performance fear is go to comedy, especially comedy open mics. They have no song to hide behind and no instrument. It’s about whether they know […]

If you have a straight job, a way to make a living that isn’t based on the thing you love, it’s better it not be compromised. If you love food […]