Imagine people coming back to life and playing a concert – tonight. John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Tony Williams does an opening fill and June Tyson is sings. Imagine the […]

When Sun Ra died every obituary I read wrote about his given name and how he pretended to be from Saturn. None of them understood what he was about or […]

The back stages   of lower level   performance places   have broken chairs   missing light bulbs   graffiti   doorless toilet stalls.     The back stages   […]

There was an idea to treat outer space like the ocean it is and in 1977 they launched spaceships Voyager 1 & 2 replete with messages in a bottle ostensibly […]

Line up of cars at the Canadian side of the Detroit border. Inside a clunker van the driver is carefully rehearsing. Canadian.. Toronto.. 101 Major street.. Chicago.. my friend Matt.. […]

Singer: Let’s start with Mona people get into it off the top.   Drummer: Mona’s too fast to start with we need to build.   Bassist: Tomorrow We Hide would […]

student: here’s my cd.    instructor: thanks but maybe you should give it to someone else.   student: won’t you take it?   instructor: you can leave it but no […]

In The Usual Suspects Benicio Del Torro apparently tried to have an accent that couldn’t be easily placed. That’s the same goal many musicians have in their playing to sound […]