I’m looking for more work so sent out some resum├ęs. While re-reading one of them (that went out a week ago), realized typos were present like “media rats toring grant”. […]

At an open stage on Monday, I heard a musician play some adventurous and nicely designed music he created on his iPad. He utilized portamento and glissando features which distinguished […]

There was a student from a small town who said all the people they ever wished they could see live would never come there because it was too tiny but […]

There have been murders on my street 3 nights in a row. I don’t know who is doing it but my guess is a squirrel. Two more dead sunflowers this […]

I know a guy who plays piano. Use to see him studying years ago and he had impressive technique. This morning saw him for the first time in many years […]

At one point last night I was sitting on a doorstep with 4 people when a slender white cat steadfastly started climbing a tall tree. Everyone chimed in about how […]

There are some unreal compilations on youtube of people at fairs riding the Slingshot which seems to propel people upwards at high velocities then allow substantial free fall. The amazing […]

A few years ago I learned when orchestral players audition they do so behind a curtain. The hiring committee doesn’t know what they look like only the sound they generate. […]

The old Russian conductor admired for musical surprises said in the final interview he owed everything to not thinking about it.

Last week I went to the open stage called R.I.S.E. in Scarborough for the 2cnd time. Unlike the other open stages I know, R.I.S.E. is predominantly hip hop youth, community […]