In the improvising world you work at listening (which changes what passes for thought). The extent to which you continue thinking is proportional to what is accomplished musically. That probably […]

At the improv workshop, the teacher said his system regarded musicians as having two types of consciousness. One is attention all over the place kind. Though you are supposedly engaged […]

Little person is into knock knock jokes. As far as she understands the point of the jokes is just to have a last line which could be anything. For instance […]

One time at the University of Toronto during Frosh week I watched the lead singer stage dive but first he warned them what he was going to do. At the […]

One time I showed up to a place where another artist was rehearsing who knew some of my work. He was excited to meet me and to show me his […]

Read that someone was collecting retorts to hecklers, asking for contributions but instead reminds me of witnessing performers die from heckling. Saw a solo musician enter into a nervous breakdown […]

  Good improvisors get to experience making life. If audiences get it, it’s the same for them.

Listened to an older professor explain to students how to think about being on stage when presenting academic papers. Told them to take notes to the podium then walk away […]

That bluegrass banjo aficionado also said one time that when the song is over, if people applaud you should hold up the instrument and point at it implying who deserves […]

Working with young musicians, rehearsing covers, my job to be concerned about everyone’s part, to diligently listen to each perspective. Like producing records. Hard to not show any bias when the […]