I read an interview with Paul Thomas Anderson when he was still casting roles in the film The Master and asked Phillip Seymour Hoffman what he thought of different actors […]

Some people stay on the same street in the same neighbourhood, nothing wrong with that but some go to a new neighbourhood where they don’t know where anything is. Walk […]

Went to Hotel Transylvania 3 with my daughter. [spoiler alert] The climax of the movie is the unleashing of a monster to destroy all other monsters and the way to […]

Someone who can solo on guitar is sitting in a room with three people who can’t. The others are explaining how soloing requires this or that guitar this or that […]

New York based director just paid me for the music I worked on for his film. When I thanked him I remembered we never made a contract and it was […]

Directors give you clues but you have to constantly try to decode what they mean. Also they don’t necessarily know what they mean. Isn’t that great.   The hardest part […]

A few years ago I had a problem with one of my hands and the sequence of Doctors I saw inspecting this led to a 3am appointment at a hospital […]

Got as call from a big company to score a movie. They spoke as though I was an interesting choice as composer. Then they asked if they could send me […]

director: can you do that thing like tarantino? composer: like this? director: perfect. (next time) director: can you add something fellini-esque? composer: like this? director: perfect (next time) director: can […]