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Looking at exercises in a book about Theatre of the Oppressed (Augusto Boal). Many make me think of musical counterparts, about attention and imitation or leading and reflection, similar issues for an improvisor. Makes me wonder about titles like Music of the Oppressed but too late, top 40 beat me to it.



cheap thrills

Trying to catch my bias and interrupt it,  decent cheap thrill. If I didn’t put effort into it, my right hand would just play piano same way over and over. Trying to practice it, tune into preference then reject it. A new shirt, which one looks ridiculous,  buy it. Parking car, that’s too far,  park there. Which movie wouldn’t I put on in Netflix, so choose it. On the subway which seat would be uncomfortable (the middle), sit there.

Trying to interfere with habits leads to get different musical experiences.

free will

If there isn’t free will than what’s going on when I make something up on the piano? Do we have free will or are we at the mercy of our minds needing to think thoughts every second? One school says if you have free will then what is your next thought?