My hook shot at 14 was often surprising probably because I was short, it was unexpected but what other possibility did I have of getting around the height of ¬†other […]

Like walking down the street, we hardly consider putting one foot after the next. The brain coordinates everything while that main part of consciousness thinks about what flavour of ice […]

There is an exercise in the R. Murray Schaefer book that knocks me out. He asked students to pass a piece of paper between them without making a sound. What […]

A PhD student was studying the 1000 year works of composer Hildegard Von Bingen when she came upon her old poetic axioms positioning music as a metaphor for all sound […]

Made another bread, so many Youtube tutorials so little time. These are the inexpensive flours, wonder what the difference is with high end stuff, maybe next time. They say Peter […]

There is a great film from 1979 called ¬†The Shout (Alan Bates, Susannah York, John Hurt) spooky subplot about sound/ listening. Alan Bates character lived years with Indigenous people in […]

I read an interview with Paul Thomas Anderson when he was still casting roles in the film The Master and asked Phillip Seymour Hoffman what he thought of different actors […]

Some people stay on the same street in the same neighbourhood, nothing wrong with that but some go to a new neighbourhood where they don’t know where anything is. Walk […]

Went to Hotel Transylvania 3 with my daughter. [spoiler alert] The climax of the movie is the unleashing of a monster to destroy all other monsters and the way to […]

Someone who can solo on guitar is sitting in a room with three people who can’t. The others are explaining how soloing requires this or that guitar this or that […]