People talk about their birthright as though to declare you are paleo or a blue bombers fan or someone who drives a prius is your birthright. Others would say the […]

The Drawer Boy which I scored earlier this year (and found amazing), was turned down by TIFF which makes no sense. Yesterday it won Grand Prize at the Heartland Film […]

Another time I attended a TIFF premiere, that time for Fog Of War by Errol Morris. So exciting to be up close and personal with a director of such accomplishment […]

At a TIFF premiere, Q & A with director and I got the last question. I asked what his process was like with the composer.   He answered the composer […]

When I asked the guy in the long rush hour line about whether the express bus would arrive soon it was clear he couldn’t speak much English. He’s visiting from […]

Being fired is a total shock. In 30 years it happened twice and I didn’t see it coming. It was in a way good but painful. Makes you think lots […]

I get a kind of turrets around men in toupees. I never have actually said anything nonetheless there is an urge to ask them if they’re ok or even what […]

My daughter turned on her miniature radio during dinner and landed on a station playing Latin music. She started translating the lyrics suggesting it was about a girl who should […]

Around making Mingus, in interviews she spoke about the process, how she would hang with him and meditate afterward then write. She is about as inspiring as Stephen Harper never […]

The greatest thing about dismissing The Hissing of Summer Lawns and Mingus when I was a teenager is that I get to have them now like brand new Joni Mitchell records and […]