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being fired

Being fired is a total shock. In 30 years it happened twice and I didn’t see it coming. It was in a way good but painful. Makes you think lots about what happened or what didn’t happen. Both times when I viewed how the pictures were completed by my replacements I didn’t hear something I couldn’t have done. Both times the final music reflected different direction than the previous style requested of me. There isn’t a simple answer about how things work or don’t work, it’s about how people talk and relate. I try to hedge my bet by making more choices than too few.


I’ve also had to end sessions occasionally because the person I hired couldn’t execute what I wanted. One time I hurt someone’s feelings but I was paying for studio time and had to call it. It didn’t sound in tune and there was no software to try altering the problem back then. I offered to pay them anyway and they ripped the money up threw it on the ground.

factory arpeggios

I get a kind of turrets around men in toupees. I never have actually said anything nonetheless there is an urge to ask them if they’re ok or even what happened in your childhood?
Also gets activated when hearing music triggered by playing one key that makes a factory preset commence followed by people praising the “composer” followed by them accepting the praise as well earned.
I’m not sure if my reaction is for the musician taking credit for nothing or the fact that the world is like this.
World – did something happen to you in your childhood that makes you take this factory preset for real effort and creativity? Are you ok world? World, do you know everyone in this room can tell that’s not your hair?


My daughter turned on her miniature radio during dinner and landed on a station playing Latin music. She started translating the lyrics suggesting it was about a girl who should be allowed to watch more tv. Fortunately I also don’t speak Spanish so I had the authority to explain it was actually about a girl who needs to stop eating ketchup on everything and who’s father knows it’s bedtime now.
My mind later wandered to the horn sections in this style and then I thought about the Earth Wind and Fire horn sections that distinguish themselves for firecracker bursts that I can’t figure out how to imitate, so smart and useful and original. Then I had a eureka moment that it’s not a big leap between the embellishing shapes in Latin music to the EW&F structures. I should listen more to Latin music then try my luck again because I make long pads that are boring and horrible. Sound like a guy playing sampled sounds through a keyboard (quelle surprise).
All I want is to not recognize myself when I hear things back.