What Ron Proulx Said

What especially stuck out in my last conversation with Ron Proulx was when he said “this better not end up in your blog”. I knew exactly what he meant but I can […]

When I was younger I thought in the studio I needed to control everything myself not that drum sound, yes that bass line, not that vocal harmony, yes flute in […]

Best Problem Ever

I worked on a feature film earlier this year, the adaptation of the Michael Healey play The Drawer Boy. A strange experience because I attended the actual play at Theatre Passe […]

Dancer/ Choreographer Yvonne Ng Peck Wan approached me to compose music for a dance. “What kind of music do you want?” “I don’t know you’re the composer.” If only that […]

the film I am currently scoring came about because an editor at the company worked with me 2 years earlier and recommended me when they wondered out loud who to […]

Not so amazing improvisers start doing tricks or they start making noise for noise sake as if it’s proof they are an improviser. They lead no matter what others are […]


  Imagine people coming back to life and playing a concert – tonight. John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Tony Williams does an opening fill and June Tyson is sings. Imagine the […]

There was an idea to treat outer space like the ocean it is and in 1977 they launched spaceships Voyager 1 & 2 replete with messages in a bottle ostensibly […]

I reviewed your history and would like to call your attention to some facts you start laughing if people take serious things you don’t think serious and you’re don’t mind taking the […]

For a split second sometime around 1989 Stanley Clarke made a pop band with Stuart Copeland. It was called Animal Logic. They played the El Mocambo and when I got […]