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Listening to Kenny G

People talk about their birthright as though to declare you are paleo or a blue bombers fan or someone who drives a prius is your birthright. Others would say the birthright is just needing to eat, to sleep, to have sex. Conditions often look like Alvy Singer’s response to Annie Hall’s brother  “excuse me Dwayne I’m due back on Earth”. The thing about art is there is no objective measurement of good and bad. Everything is good or bad to someone and neither conclusion is wrong.



The Drawer Boy which I scored earlier this year (and found amazing), was turned down by TIFF which makes no sense. Yesterday it won Grand Prize at the Heartland Film Festival in USA. That feels better.

Errol Morris

Another time I attended a TIFF premiere, that time for Fog Of War by Errol Morris. So exciting to be up close and personal with a director of such accomplishment and outstanding legacy. Predictably I asked the only question not about Robert McNamara and the Vietnam war. I said what’s it like working with Phillip Glass. His answer was awesome. He talked about how they fight and freak out at each other. I was thrilled and so was the crowd or at least it felt that way. Left me feeling like when I have problems it’s not necessarily weird or different, maybe sometimes just part of the process.