The guy from the record label admires me, talks about how many things I’m associated with that move him and says other flattering things. I play him the two people […]

Jon Stewart spoke up to ensure the 911 first responders still get taken care of. Then, because of the spotlight, they changed the law like a pack of cowards. Then […]

Two or three updates ago some essential components ceased to work and I was in the middle of jobs that had to be finished. Would have ruined what other people […]

There was this one record company whose A&R department’s motto was “cacophony forever”. Supposedly this was closer to perfection than live off the floor.

Nobody is right or wrong, taste is opinion and opinions change. That’s what is so awkward about writing music for a film or producing another artist’s music. Is it about […]

I’d like to pitch a radio show where me and a millennial play music to each other each week to try and blow the other away. Started making a pilot […]

ghost: what did you expect?   writer: this.   ghost: exactly.   writer: at least one can hide irrelevant comments.   ghost: exactly.   writer: it triggers people.   ghost: […]

There was a guy who was very resentful when the band he was in hired a producer for their album. They never worked with a producer before. His position was […]

When I first heard about click tracks I immediately thought it was a contest between people and machines and just as quickly I chose people – any drummer I admired […]