I produced and arranged a whole record for Edie Brickell which never came out. Broke my heart. She was a pretty big artist then, 1991. My band was all over […]

Long time ago we were in the movie Postcards From The Edge, quite the amazing moments, fancy hotel, easy work schedule. There goes Gene Hackman, there’s Shirley McLaine and rehearsing […]

A PhD student was studying the 1000 year works of composer Hildegard Von Bingen when she came upon her old poetic axioms positioning music as a metaphor for all sound […]

On random, up popped Dizzy Miss Lizzy which was a pretty important piece of music when I was 7. I think this is the first time I ever listened to […]

Talked with a lawyer about simplicity and complexity.  An artist has to have many irons in the fire, many grants, many prospective clients, jobs, collaborations because you don’t know what […]

Now $80,000 worth of previous gear comes with $200 music software. Used to be you couldn’t afford to enter  studio, now the studio can be your bedroom or a rooftop, […]

Nice to see Sarah McElcheran, commenting (2 posts earlier) about her performance on All The Trees. She recalled I recorded her while she was practising which was good enough for […]

Don’t recall what his final mark was but the marking system bugs me, flawed, suggests if you fail you aren’t someone who could be successful or if you get a […]

Made best tomato sauce ever this morning, going to mark it in my calendar so I can celebrate every year from here on. Still, my daughter won’t like it compared […]