I’d like to pitch a radio show where me and a millennial play music to each other each week to try and blow the other away. Started making a pilot […]

ghost: what did you expect?   writer: this.   ghost: exactly.   writer: at least one can hide irrelevant comments.   ghost: exactly.   writer: it triggers people.   ghost: […]

There was a guy who was very resentful when the band he was in hired a producer for their album. They never worked with a producer before. His position was […]

When I first heard about click tracks I immediately thought it was a contest between people and machines and just as quickly I chose people – any drummer I admired […]

Was talking with someone about Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty then re-explored it online. Didn’t realize that the opening swell is a synthesizer not a guitar but more interesting was […]

the computer age

In years past, the engineers at Metalworks always knocked me out when I could afford a recording session there. Their knowledge and talent and kindness were so impressive. Once in […]

There’s this thing in music software called a plug-in. It simulates physical objects like instruments or amplifiers and all the various physical studio effects reverb, delay, distortion. When you select […]

When me and Don and Hugh and Wayne made that record with Edie Brickell in the rehearsals and writing we would make a groove and it would feel good and […]

from time to time i return to a project – making commercial sounding demos for some of my songs. my sense is that the michael bublé’s of the world (or […]