Yesterday coconut chick pea  improvisation, worth it.  Later added bass to Katasha’s song, trying to do Vulcan mind meld with Kendrick Lamar production values, so far it is easier in […]

Ambrosia has knocked honey crisp out of the running. Honey crisp held first place for a long time. I admit my bias was Pink Lady but it was never more […]

Hard to believe how long it is taking to find a willing guitarist to play something funky on a demo for the young student who works at McDonalds. The first […]

Little person starts to cry confronted with my impatience. Isn’t possible for her to understand that the dance class starts at a certain time. She can’t tell time and she […]

Another reissue to Spotify. More than 20 years old. Was a long labour of love making this one. Alone in my new digs middle of nowhere. Squirrels throwing parties at […]

The air in the study room is dense from microwaved meat. Now might be a good time to try playing the trumpet. Just cover your ears man, enjoy your food. […]


At an open stage 30 years ago I heard a woman called Anhai (pronounced an-eye) she played an acoustic guitar strumming a rhythmic loop more or less and her guitar […]

Dame Julia Nesbelch, the producer of City Of Wood once remarked when we were discussing a hissy fit thrown by an electric guitarist who’s claim to fame was owning an […]

Re-issuing It’s True on Spotify brings memories. The house on Major. Owen downstairs by the laundry machines practising or did I invent a memory of laundry machines?. The roommate they […]

Stevie wonder did something unheard of a few years ago. Made accessible his original tracks for Superstition so people could study it. So glad Doug set me up to check […]