Singing is Believing

Been in recording sessions where the producer (or the engineer) seems ambivalent towards the singer and inattentive to listening for the emotional content (isn’t that the singer’s job description?). With […]

There is an idea out there in the world that when recording you should forget about the fact that you are being recorded. That to get the real you you […]

whoever is producing the record has to be the song’s best friend surround yourself with collaborators who don’t make a hissy fit if you disagree. listen to every vocal take as […]

Trying to produce records for a couple former students perhaps even 3, whatever I can fit. Part of the exchange, besides enjoying their music or co-writing, besides arranging it to […]

Don't Hurt Me Sweetie

The 2cnd last time I laughed so hard I needed medical help was when I was 12 at the Odeon Theatre in Winnipeg watching appropriately a farting cowboy scene in […]

Radio Ideas

I have 3 ideas for radio shows on CBC. I thought about submitting all three at once but it was pointed out to me that I might seem a weirdo […]

Release Party

It should be swell to release Sam’s last recordings tonight with all sorts of people from the past and present but like finishing this record what pisses me off is […]

A Mike Nichols Film

My favourite memory of those two weeks in Hollywood and the earlier audition in Toronto was when we went to the dailies of the scene we had been working on. […]

Rich Rhymes

Rich Marsella came to my class last week and talked about his music business life. It was great but only when I gave him a ride downtown later did I […]

Zed Is Dead Baby

Recently I read about a company that wanted something similar to this song by Aphex Twin and they were paying about $20,000. That’s Mr. Aphex Twin below (obviously at the beach). I tried […]