I recorded more brilliant vocals by Meg Tennant on the finalĀ  Sam Larkin record. I find when a great artist like her, tells me (after almost every take), that she […]

Curse Of Surname

I recorded Tony Allen playing fiddle yesterday on a record I’m finishing. Typically when producing a record I say things like “Think you need to check your tuning.” or “Could […]

The Sheltered Youth

There is a certain laugh people laugh when have a realization which will alter everything they previously thought. Like when Charlton Heston sees the Statue of Liberty while riding away […]

I lost an entire record on the Toronto Transit System. December 2012, I just finished ten days in Winnipeg arranging recording with Jess Reimer. This was her new record for […]

Doug McClement sent me a copy of the tracks. A whack of famous recordings but all I had my eyes on was Superstition. The separate tracks. The….Separate…..Tracks. Have spent a […]