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unreal trip among unreal trips

so groovy. the border, investigated, rochester, jaco pastorius, saratoga springs, 4 seasons, sara, tom and patty, queens, dave and martha, free recording, under st. marks, vegan bakery, parking spot, carol, losing 3rd cellphone, alternator death just 100 meters before dave’s place, dave pushing car, 7am calling AAA, hugo the mechanic, chris at firestone goodbye forever, hearing from carl newman, hearing from david byrne’s manager, pennys open stage, killtheband!!, dave and catherine, german singer, other guy sounds like mike balazo but nope, shula, greg the young soundguy, erez,  marlboro, tony and lee are not brothers nor jaded tough guys, the last car, mark and nancy, dianne and john, woodstock, buffalo amplifier, crossing back

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