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kindness of strangers

Access to a car or van and affording gas, insurance, upkeep are regular economic hurdles of touring.
I don’t recall how I obtained the emails for the Ghost Bees but somehow I did and that they lived in Halifax. It was around 2002 and I had 9 Nova Scotia dates and asked if they had a vehicle they would consider renting to me. When they got back to me they lent me their van for free and they hardly knew me. I want to believe I am from the same planet as them, barely anyone is yet in music I have met a few always leaving me stunned.
They are more than a duo now and called Tasseomancy. They tour Europe. Does anyone give them vehicles to use for free? Hope so. I would produce or play on anything free for them anytime.


Often financial obstacles to touring at the level most of us work at. Often few free things promoters include, a place to stay, dinner, guarantee vs. percentage, rider. Often you bust your ass and arrive late afternoon, set up, check and eat perhaps very near the time you take the stage. Often while singing (maybe something very serious) you have to hide the need to burp.

neil young

I was in Winnipeg a few years ago touring a play called Actionable about lawsuits and songwriting. Neil Young was going to play the next night. I figured out which hotel he would be staying at, not too difficult to figure out. I left him a package with my new CD. Thought I might be on a roll. Just a couple years earlier I did the same for David Byrne had positive results. The package came back in the mail a month later unopened. Neil has a different set of rules he travels by likely based on legal advice. Congratulations to the firm protecting him from listening to something he might like.