A plan is hatched when Paolo’s friend Benny, who purchased a vinyl copy of “In Her Dream” and loved last night’s show meets us. The plan – he has an […]

Touring Italy (pt. 6)   Stefano agreed to leave by 1:30am. He wasn’t ready until 2:30am. It was snowing in the mountains between Genova and Milano. 90 minute drive became […]

In 1999 I started making short films that I could accompany live. I’ve made about 30 but didn’t think of using words like “director” to describe myself until 2005 when […]

The first show was at a club in Milan called Tournè and I forgot to put away the power supply for my video projector which is a unique cable, too […]

I wake up the first day, which wisely was a planned day to adjust and not perform, I make my way to buy food after Stefano tells me he hasn’t […]

I was feeling sick, lack of sleep, so much cigarette smoke, Stefano scaring me to death with his driving so I thought I would pass on dinner but now the […]

Touring Italy (pt.1)   I am very pleased with my situation now as I sit upstairs from the “video-bar” owned by generous Natalino – my brother.   “Buono sera my […]

When things become bigger the advice of many managers is don’t redistribute the money equitably. Just make a salary for everyone else… except of course you the artist and me […]

Line up of cars at the Canadian side of the Detroit border. Inside a clunker van the driver is carefully rehearsing. Canadian.. Toronto.. 101 Major street.. Chicago.. my friend Matt.. […]

A Year Without Matt

Last year was such a train wreck losing Matt Suhar and Sam Larkin, part of my brain departed with them. Reading this account in the news, one year later, that […]